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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Said the Spider to the Fly’

Published on July 31st, 2017 | Updated on July 31st, 2017 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Said the Spider to the Fly’

As Scott, Lydia, and Malia ready for departure, a new threat has found its way to Beacon Hills, but we aren’t quite sure what it is exactly.

There is another Hellhound lurking in Eichen House, and has been there since the facility opened in the 20s. It escapes and is stalking Beacon Hills, searching for something. The Hellhound turns up during incidents of intense fear and listens to people’s heartbeats. It latches on to Liam because he sounds different, but later determines that Liam is in fact not the one.

Meanwhile, Lydia has a vision. She is walking down the hallway of the school and it is covered in spiderwebs. When she touches the webs, she hears voices. Right before she comes out of the vision, a voice tells her that they released something from the Hunt that was never meant to leave. This is what the Hellhound had been searching for.

Scott and Lydia convince Malia to not fly off to Paris and help them search for the Hellhound. They arrive too late and are shocked to discover that there is a way to kill a Hellhound. Scott examines the bullet casing and it bears the crest of the Argents.

But who killed the Hellhound? That would be the new guidance counselor, Tamora Monroe. At the start of the episode, she is giving schedule advice to Liam, Mason, and Corey, but also does a bit of prying, letting them know that they can tell her anything. When she speaks to Nolan, who was in the library the night Scott took on the Hunt, he is ready to talk about the weird things that he’s seen. In the end when she and the Hellhound fight, there is no evidence that she has any supernatural capabilities. I think that she is a mythological fanatic and is searching for trouble. No idea how she came across some of the Argents bullets. Is she the one that escaped the Hunt? I don’t think so. I think that whatever did get released is influencing her.

After discovering the dead Hellhound, Scott, Lydia, and Malia determine if they should call Stiles and fill him in on this newest threat. They don’t want to bother him as he has just started his internship at the FBI. Cut to Stiles arriving on his first day and going through orientation. And who should be at the top of the FBI’s most wanted list for mass murder? Derek Hale.

These final ten episodes of the series look like they’re going to play a lot into the theme of fear. Team Wolf is facing the fear of change as the older members move away from Beacon Hills and the younger generation steps up to fill their place. Liam definitely doesn’t believe that he’s ready and struggles to control his powers as he’s under a lot of mental duress (Hayden has moved away and he doesn’t think he’s ready to lead).

I think that this new supernatural threat thrives off of fear. The Hellhound was searching out places where people were in a panic (at the school when rats got loose, and the hospital after a ten car accident). Plus, there was Lydia’s vision with all the spider webs (why does it have to be spiders?).

The most foreboding part of this episode was Lydia talking about how there is a price that needs to be paid for releasing Beacon Hills from the Hunt. They learned from the Nemeton that something must be taken in return. Scott, Stiles, and Alison were cursed when they used the Nemeton in order to save their loved ones back in season three, which resulted in Stiles almost dying and Alison being killed. Needless to say, all members of Team Wolf are now in even more danger if there is a price to be paid for saving everyone from the Hunt.

A strong start to the final ten episodes and I am interested to see where it goes. What is this thing that got loose? And what about Derek?

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Raw Talent.’


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