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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Riders on the Storm’

Published on February 2nd, 2017 | Updated on February 2nd, 2017 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Riders on the Storm’

The rift has been opened, but Stiles doesn’t appear with Scott, Lydia, and Malia. Instead, he is transported into his Jeep. Makes sense because he has such a strong connection to it. The other three meet up with Liam, who tells them that they are the only ones left in Beacon Hills. But Liam saw something strange at the hospital and school, asking Scott to come with him to see it. Scott tells the girls to stay put in case Stiles does appear. Lydia doesn’t listen, saying that she knows Stiles is back and he wouldn’t look for them in the bunker.

The train station has appeared in Beacon Hills. Scott and Liam are greeted by Douglas and Parrish. Douglas tells them that he is bridging the gap between worlds and that once it is complete, the Hunt will be his. Scott and Liam get into a fight with the two, and that’s when Stiles appears. He smacks Douglas and then helps the other two put out Parrish’s flames and bring him back to himself. They flee as Riders appear.

Stiles has figured that the only way to save Beacon Hills is to divert the train that is coming. If they can find the switcher, they can win. But the Hunt is going to make it easy for them. Liam travels into the train station to find Corey, while Scott and Stiles head for the switcher. Douglas and the Hunt keep intervening and separating Scott and Stiles. They end up in the school and that is when Stiles finds Lydia.

But they aren’t alone during their happy reunion. Claudia appears, then shifts into Rider. Lydia tells Stiles that Claudia was conjured by his father’s pain. Stiles and Lydia try to fight her, but she is too powerful. Noah appears and strongly declares that his wife is dead. He shoots her while Lydia lets out a banshee cry and Claudia is vanquished.

In the station, Malia reconnects with Peter and finally calls him “Dad.” Liam meets up with Mason and Hayden. They can hear Corey’s voice as he is announcing the impending arrival of the train. They find him in the control room and he is literally plugged into the system. If they remove him before the train can be diverted, then Beacon Hills is lost. Corey tells them to wait, even though he is in a lot of pain.

Scott makes it to the switcher, but Douglas and a whole host of Riders are there. He says that he will do everything he can to stop them. That’s when Theo arrives, saying that Scott has a pack behind him. Malia and Peter show up (Malia announcing that Theo is in fact not a member of the pack). They fight and Scott manages to get to the switcher as the train comes barreling toward them. He moves it just in time. At the station, Mason unplugs Corey. And Beacon Hills is saved!

The Riders put away their guns and start to leave, which doesn’t make Douglas happy. He tries to control them, but that doesn’t go well. They turn him into a Rider. So, in the end, he got his wish of being a part of the Hunt after all.

This was a great mid-season finale filled with so many emotions because of all of the reunions. It was so good to have Stiles back in action. He definitely brings the comedy to the show. This episode also seemed to nicely wrap everything up. The seniors of Team Wolf are finished with school and just need to walk to the stage (Malia has to go through summer school), and they are all getting ready for college. Scott and Stiles ride away in the Jeep together and even ignore the police scanner that there’s a body in the woods. They are all happy.

But there’s still ten more episodes until the series finale so that happiness won’t last too long.

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