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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Relics’

Published on December 8th, 2016 | Updated on December 9th, 2016 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Relics’

Following a disastrous attempt to keep Gwen safe, a whole bunch of people have seen a Ghost Rider and are now in danger. Team Wolf is trying to figure out what their next move is when Mason realizes that the Hunt travels via lightning. He and Liam argue about how they should proceed. Mason thinks that they should protect everyone by locking them in the bunker. Liam thinks they should simulate lightning and get the Riders to appear and take them down. They go to Scott and he says that the best thing to do would be protect the people. Most are willing to go, but others refuse. Scott, Liam, Corey, and Hayden are tasked with protecting them during a lacrosse game.

Melissa and Chris are searching down the Nazi werewolf when they come across two more victims. Then, they are almost attacked by Malia. Chris is forced to shoot her. Later, he tells her about how he lost Kate to the blood lust. He doesn’t want the same for Malia and asks for her helping in protecting the students in the bunker. Doing so will help her keep hold of her humanity. They do so, but one escapes their watchful eye, not believing that the two of them can keep the Riders away. Chris and Malia chase after him because if he opens the grate, the Hunt will be able to get in.

Meanwhile, Lydia is investigating the Stilinski’s. They believe that every person who is taken leaves behind something, a relic. Lydia is determined to find something related to Stiles. She goes to the Stilinski’s where she once more sees someone and hears the train. She notices that the wall is pounding and tries to pull back the wallpaper to see what’s beneath when Claudia catches her and kicks her out of the house. Mrs. Martin talks to her daughter, saying that maybe Stiles exists to her because she doesn’t want to believe that he wasn’t ever real. They go to the hospital and ask Melissa to see Claudia’s medial records. In them, they find that she has never been pregnant and has frontotemporal dementia. Melissa comments that she was diagnosed with that ten years ago and she should be dead.

At the lacrosse game, there’s a heightened sense of aggression. Scott believe that it may have to do with the Hunt. This would also explain why Malia is having such a hard time staying human. Mason thinks back to the party and realizes that the Rider might’ve retreated because of Parrish. He calls him to the school as the Hunt appears. They take the four players that Team Wolf is trying to protect, including Gwen, and several more people who were just in the stands. Parrish faces off against one as the Hellhound, but the Rider seems unfazed by his appearance. He shoots Parrish, but the bullet doesn’t make him disappear. He instead instantly reverts back into a human. They failed. Liam believes that it is his fault that everything went to pieces, but Scott assures him that it wasn’t. Scott says that they should’ve set up the Riders and not just waited. Defeated, Liam returns to the locker room, where Coach, oblivious to everything as always, mistakes his upset mood at losing lives for losing the game. He makes Liam the new lacrosse captain, praising his dedication to the team.

At the bunker, the student gets out and that results in the Riders appearing and taking everyone. Chris is hurt in the process. Lydia, Scott, and Malia talk about the evening and Lydia tells them that Stiles may not be the Stilinski’s child after all. They don’t know what to do, but Scott and Malia have just about given up on searching for him (“what kind of a name is Stiles anyway”). Both believe that their main focus needs to be figuring out how to stop the Riders.

Liam is angry that he failed once more and decides that he needs to catch a Rider. He tells Hayden, Mason, and Corey to go home because this is something he has to do. They refuse to let him go alone. They head off to figure out how to catch one when they pass Stiles’ Jeep sitting in the parking lot.

This week left a big question in my mind. Team Wolf have all seen the Riders, yet they didn’t even bother with them when they attacked during the game. They took everyone else who was at the party, but not them. Why was that? Or does it not work on supernatural beings? Chris was wounded in the attack, but not erased. I thought Parrish might be able to stop them, but the Rider didn’t show any hesitation when he shot him. And the bullet didn’t completely work on him. He seemed like he was hurt, but we didn’t see him anymore after that. I wonder if he can even go Hellhound. That would be interesting if it took away his powers.

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