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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Memory Found’

Published on January 25th, 2017 | Updated on January 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Memory Found’

Team Wolf is determined to unlock their memories of Stiles so they can open a rift and bring him back. Only problem is that they don’t quite know how to do this and the Riders are coming. Noah and Liam retrieve Theo from his cell so they can have his help. It’s a good thing too, because soon afterward, the Hunt appears and take Noah. Liam and Theo are forced to work together to keep the Riders away from the other three while they try to get their memories.

Lydia takes Scott and Malia to the freezer cell that Parrish uses when he goes all Hellhound. She says that it will get them into stasis, where they can have an easier time accessing their memories. Scott goes first, but the amount of memories he experiences start driving him mad. Lydia talks him down, saying to think of the memories as being in lockers at the school. All of them are separate. He can access them one by one, finding what makes him have a strong bond to Stiles. Scott opens one of the lockers and finds a flare. We have a flashback to the episode ‘Motel California’ when Scott was trying to kill himself. Stiles talked him down from doing it, saying that they were more than best friends. They were brothers. Scott feels that connection, but it is broken as Lydia and Malia pull him out of the freezer. He was about to die. They were close, but it wasn’t enough. Malia will go next.

Liam and Theo lead the Riders to the hospital where they will make their final stand. They spend the first part of their time together saying that they will gladly sacrifice the other in order to save themselves. But when the time comes, they end up working together. They are about to be overrun when Theo grabs Liam and forces him into the elevator. He then turns to take on  the Riders on his own. Liam listens as Theo puts up a good fight before being taken.

Malia is able to access her memories of Stiles, but it still isn’t enough to open the rift. She is pulled out as her body starts to freeze over. Scott says that they need something stronger, and it has to be Lydia. She can’t go into the freezer, so they will hypnotize her the old fashioned way. They do so and Lydia makes her connection with Stiles, remembering the first time she kissed him. She admits that her feelings for him changed that day. Then, Lydia remembers the night he was taken. She remembers his final words to her. As she comes out of the hypnosis, she says “I never said it back.” And that’s when the light appears. They open the door to the chamber to find a bright white light in the hall. And somebody is walking toward them.

Now, we don’t know for sure if it is Stiles as the episode ends there, but I really hope it is. I have missed him so much!

This episode was really emotional as the three remember their time with Stiles. It also brought with it a sense of nostalgia as we took a look at different scenes from the past five years of the show. Now that each of them remember, they can get him back and figure out how to stop Douglas and the Riders and save all of Beacon Hills.

Next week is the mid-season finale and promises to be quite an exciting episode.

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