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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Lie Ability’

Published on February 10th, 2016 | Updated on May 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Lie Ability’

This episode starts right where the last one left off. Parrish has come for Lydia and none of Theo’s pack can stand up to him. Theo then throws a metal pole through Parrish’s chest and that does a pretty good job of stopping him. Stiles leaves his hiding place to get Lydia, but Valack runs off with her. Theo tells Stiles that had can track her, but Stiles doesn’t want to trust him. They head down into the subbasement to find them.

Scott and Liam are stuck behind the mountain ash and Scott realizes that Meredith might be able to help them. She is, however, in a catatonic state so Scott is forced to enter her mind. She tells him that the Hellhound is the only way through the barrier.

Malia and Kira are stuck down in the morgue, Kira’s electric powers are on the fritz, when Josh brings in a dying Cody. He tells Malia that if she helps Cody, he will help Kira. Neither trusts the other, but they decide to act at the same time. They save the two and then Josh wants to know what’s next since Eichen House is on lockdown. Malia says that they have a plan B, which involves Mason at the electrical shed resetting the system. Naturally, Mason has no idea what he is doing because the information gathered by Team Wolf was wrong. But Hayden shows up and helps him out.

Valack tells Lydia that she can find out who the Beast is. He will use the creepy helmet and make her his eyes so she can see the true identity of the teenager within the Beast. The Dread Doctors are trying to get the Beast to remember the other half of his/her genetic make up, the serial killer. Once that happens, the teenager will be gone and only the killer will remain. Valack is about to put the helmet on Lydia when Stiles and Theo arrive. Lydia lets out a scream. Stiles and Theo get out of the way, but Valack isn’t so lucky. Half of his skull is missing from the blast and he collapses, dead. Stiles then grabs Lydia and they head out. Theo stays behind, eyeing the helmet.

But Lydia is losing control. She is about to go completely berserk when Parrish, Scott, and Liam arrive. Hellhound Parrish wraps himself around Lydia, absorbing the majority of the blast (and it was pretty awesome).

Hayden succeeds in resetting Eichen and everything opens. Malia and Kira go for Stiles’ jeep and meet up with the rest of Teen Wolf. But Tracy shows up, grabs Lydia, and says that she is coming with her. Suddenly, she is electrocuted from behind by Ms. Martin! Yes! Scott takes the driver’s seat, Stiles gets Lydia in the backseat, and they speed off to get her to Deaton. She lets out little screams along the way, slowly losing the battle. Stiles tries to comfort her by saying that she’ll make it, but then she looks at him and says “but you won’t.” Is that a prediction in that moment because his ear was bleeding? Or is that a prediction for the end of the season? Anyway, they get to Deaton and barely manage to save her. For a moment I thought that she was dead and I was going to be really mad, but she lives!

Theo now has the helmet and will use it to find out the true identity of the Beast so he can take its powers. I bet he puts the helmet on Deucalion. Theo wouldn’t risk his own life to do it.

It’s been a bumpy ride, but Team Wolf is finally all back together. As we head into the last four episodes of the season, I can’t help but be fearful for Stiles. I said at the beginning of season 5B that someone was probably going to die, and I really think that it will be Stiles.

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