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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Heartless’

Published on January 11th, 2017 | Updated on January 13th, 2017 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Heartless’

This week’s episode starts with Theo’s punishment when he was taken by the Skinwalkers. He see him try to make an escape from a hospital morgue. He is met by his sister, who rips out his heart. Theo has to relive this scene over and over again for killing his younger sibling.

We then return to the present, where Malia is beating the living daylights out of Theo. Scott manages to talk her off of him, then rounds on Liam. Liam explains their plan to catch a Rider, saying that they thought Theo was the only one who could control that much electricity. He also says that Theo remembers Stiles. Scott is reluctant to keep him around, but Liam stands firm, asking Scott to trust him. Scott agrees and they move forward with their plan.

Lydia is thinking about Canaan and why they were told to go there. She realizes that Lenore filled the void of the missing town with her deceased son. Lydia thinks that Noah might be filling Stiles’ void with Claudia. Meanwhile, Noah is pulling back the wallpaper in the house to find an empty, dusty room. He calls Lydia to the house and asks if she knew it was there. He doesn’t know why it was sealed off as he remembers it being on the original plans. Claudia told him it was probably done by the previous owner. As Lydia looks around the room, she starts to see some of Stiles’ stuff. She then tells Noah her theory that he is filling the void left by his son with his dead wife. Noah doesn’t take this very well, and says that Lydia is highly disturbed. He doesn’t want to believe that Claudia isn’t real. Lydia picks up Stiles’ lacrosse jersey, which Noah can’t see, and throws it to him. When he catches it, I think that it finally materializes before his eyes.

At the hospital, Malia enlists Melissa’s help in saving Peter. After he is revived, father and daughter go out to where he reappeared. There doesn’t seem to be anything there and Peter says you can’t just find a dimensional rift that will take you to a supernatural train station. He suddenly hears voices and the approaching Riders. Peter tells Malia to run, and he will give her time to escape.

The rest of Team Wolf are ready to put their plan into action. Theo takes them to a remote building where there is a generator capable of handling the Rider’s electricity. Mason has designed a cage that will funnel the Rider’s power into the generator, keeping him there. They call the Rider and manage to trap him, but they can’t quite figure out how to talk to him. To make matters worse, the Rider calls for backup. Keeping watch outside, Mason, Corey, and Hayden realize that the Riders might be able to communicate with Parrish. They call him in to help.

Success! Parrish is able to understand the Rider, but their captive doesn’t give them a whole lot of information. All he says is that once you are a part of the Hunt, you will forever be on the hunt. Scott tells the Rider that he won’t stop until they save everyone. The Rider turns to Parrish and speaks to him. Parrish changes into the Hellhound and makes to release the prisoner. Scott and Liam manage to push Parrish out of the shack, leaving Theo alone with the Rider. Parrish partially comes to himself and sees what he has done. He tells Scott and Liam not to follow him and runs off into the night. Great.

But things get even worse as Douglas appears. Theo tells him to reveal his identity to Team Wolf, but Douglas ignores that. He attacks Theo, forcing him to break the Mountain Ash barrier. Douglas then confronts the Rider and is able to stop the whip. He drags the Rider to him, then bites into his skull. He pulls out the pineal gland and eats it, thereby devouring the Rider’s “soul.”

Luckily, this event saves Peter’s life as the Riders about to attack him suddenly turn back.

When the others return, they believe Theo was responsible for killing their captive. He tells them that it was Douglas, and as they examine the body, they realize that Theo must be telling the truth. Then, they discover that the Rider’s whip is gone.

Out in the woods, Douglas comes across Corey. He uses the whip, wrapping it around Corey’s throat. Douglas says he has waited a long time to do this, and makes Corey vanish in a puff of green smoke.

This episode has a lot going on and actually answered some questions. We now know why the Riders have pretty much left Parrish alone, and it’s because they can control him. I think that Parrish fled the scene because he knew the Hunt could use him against Team Wolf. We also learned why Claudia has returned, and that truth is rather heartbreaking. I’m guessing that Claudia realizes she is dead, and is just playing the part, kind of like how Lenore’s son was.

Naturally, we still have questions, but this episode moved us forward a bit.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Blitzkrieg’ and I am assuming that we are going to find out more about our Nazi Werewolf, Douglas.

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