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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Ghosted’

Published on January 4th, 2017 | Updated on January 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Ghosted’

Teen Wolf returns from the winter hiatus and finds Scott, Lydia, and Malia trying to figure out what to do next after talking to Stiles on the radio. Lydia has another vision, but this one is different. She is sucked inside a mirror and finds herself in Canaan as people are having a block party. But everything starts to go wrong and the people disappear in puffs of green smoke. Lydia then sees a lone woman and goes to her. When she touches her, Lydia screams.

Scott goes to Noah to try and convince him that Stiles is his son, but the sheriff won’t listen. Scott even throws down the keys to the Jeep, saying that Peter Hale brought them back. Noah is less inclined to believe Peter (interesting that he remembers who he is). Noah tells Scott to stop.

But Scott, Malia, and Lydia make the trip to Canaan anyway where they find a ghost town. The town is having weird effects on them as Scott and Malia have visions of their own. Malia sees her deceased mother and sister before being confronted by Theo, who shoots her in the stomach. Her family then drags her into the earth. Scott sees his mother and there is a hole in her head, like what is being left by the Nazi Werewolf. Lydia tells them both that there is a bad energy surrounding the town. They continue to explore and finally find signs of life.

Back in Beacon Hills, Melissa is trying her best to save Chris’ life. He was injured during the last Hunt attack and the wounds are infected. The doctors want him to go into surgery so they can remove the dead skin, but Chris says that this will only spread the poison. He tells Melissa that there are nine ingredients that when combined together can counteract the poison, but mixed in the wrong order, it’ll kill him. Melissa manages to do everything correctly and Chris is saved.

Elsewhere, Liam and Hayden are working out how to catch on the Riders. They are overheard by Douglas. He intercepts them and ends up helping. Unfortunately, he keeps poking holes in their plan and says that as soon as the Rider figures out what’s happening, it can catch a ride out on lightening. Liam knows that there is only one person who can help them now and harness electricity: Theo.

They call Mrs. Yukimura for help and she gives them Kira’s sword so that they can summon Theo. Liam tells Theo that he will send him back where he came from if he steps even an inch out of line. They start to test his capabilities, but find out that Theo no longer has the abilities he stole from his pack members. Liam is about to send him back when Theo asks where Scott and Stiles are. He then says that he knows things that none of them do. Theo and Douglas share a long gaze, and I think that Theo knows that Douglas is the Nazi Werewolf. Liam decides to keep Theo around.

In Canaan, Team Wolf follows a little boy to meet his mother, Lenore. She talks about not having visitors in years and invites them inside. However, she gets upset when they put pressure on her about the day in 1987 when everyone disappeared. She locks them in the house and then separates Lydia from the other two. Scott and Malia end up in the basement with the young boy, who died before the Hunt’s attack in 1987. He starts drowning Malia and Scott.

Lydia once more travels inside Lenore’s memory, but this time, she is able to see the Ghost Riders. They take everyone and then encircle Lenore, but vanish, leaving her alone. Lydia touches her and Lenore screams. She is also a banshee. Lydia pleads with Lenore to let them go free because she needs to figure out a way to save everyone. She tells Lenore that she can come with them to Beacon Hills, but Lenore refuses to leave. She has to remain with the memory of her son. Lenore opens the doors and Team Wolf escapes. During the car ride home, Lydia tells them what she saw and that when the Riders come for the rest of Beacon Hills, she will be left alone.

At the McCall house, Liam, Hayden, and Theo wait for Scott to return. Theo is surprised to hear that the Riders are still around after their first abduction. He says that the only reason they would continue is if they were stuck. He doesn’t get to expand on that as Scott, Lydia, and Malia enter the house. None of them are happy to see him, especially Malia.

The episode ends with Noah walking down the hall of his home to the spot that Lydia keeps messing with. He pulls back the wallpaper and sees… We don’t know. The episode ended there with his eyes going wide, but maybe this means he will finally believe Scott.

Not too many questions were answered this episode and all we have is more questions. Canaan is a ghost town, so why did Stiles send them there? He couldn’t possible have known about Lenore and the fact that she is a Banshee. All he saw was the destination sign with Canaan on it. I want to know more about what Theo said about the Riders being stuck. Is the draw of Beacon Hills too strong for the Hunt to get away from? Maybe next week we’ll get more.

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