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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Face-to-Faceless’ and ‘Pressure Test’

Published on August 21st, 2017 | Updated on August 21st, 2017 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Face-to-Faceless’ and ‘Pressure Test’

Teen Wolf pulled double duty with back-to-back episodes. And we finally start getting some answers.

In the first episode, our faceless corpse gets reanimated, which is just great.

Team Wolf faces the rising fear of Beacon Hills. The entire lacrosse team turns on Liam via Nolan’s persuasion. He tries to get Liam to shift in the locker room, but coach shows up, wondering why the team is not on the field. Liam tells him that he is no longer going to be captain because of his grades and passes the torch to Nolan. This keeps Liam safe for a little bit, but later, Nolan and company gang up on him. They beat the daylights out of him and one of the teachers just lets it happen. Liam controls himself long enough for coach to come to the rescue.

Scott, Lydia, and Malia confer with Chris about the rise in hunters and he knows that his father is back. They arrange a meeting with good old Gerard and Tamora, hoping to convince them that the supernatural are not a threat and that Scott and his pack have been trying to help them. Tamora tells her story, revealing that she was on the bus full of students that the Beast of Gévaudan slaughtered in Season 5. She hit beneath the corpse of a friend until she was finally rescued by Noah. She blames Scott, saying that he didn’t come to her aid. Some of the others hunters tell why the have joined the cause, losing family members and loved ones.

Scott apologizes for the loss, but asserts that they have been doing everything they can to keep the body count low. Tensions start rising even higher as Lydia realizes that the creature amplifying their fear is here. The faceless being is lurking in the underground tunnels. One of the hunters panics and starts firing his gun. Parrish appears and confronts the creature, setting himself on fire with a flare and killing it (I think).

In the second episode, Theo and two other werewolves are being tortured by an Eichen House doctor, but they turn the tables and kill him. Theo tells the other two, who are the last remaining survivors of their pack, to find Scott. They are about to leave when the police show up and are arrested for murder.

Noah calls Scott and he meets with Theo and the werewolves, but things go south and the hunters appear. Tamora demands that the two wolves be turned over to them. Noah and Team Wolf refuse, and a standoff begins. Tamora warns them that at midnight, they will kill everyone in the police station. Two cops claim their lives as the fear becomes too much to bear. Scott attempts to figure out their next move without turning over the two werewolves.

Mason and Corey find Deaton and we finally learn what we are up against. It is a two-faced creature that sows fear and allows the heightened emotion to do the dirty work. Entire towns have been ripped apart. Deaton says that there is a duality to the creature, having two faces, one of which is beautiful, the other terrifying. They are no closer to figuring out who the creature might be (because it can shape-shift) or how to stop it. There’s also the question of is the creature two beings, or just two-faced?

At the station, Scott and Theo offer up the bodies of the two cops, trying to convince the hunters that they are the two werewolves. Tamora is about to call their bluff when Rafael McCall appears on the scene. He has come to work out an agreement between the two parties. Everyone will get out of the situation unharmed as long as the two werewolves are turned over to the hunters and Scott’s pack leaves Beacon Hills. There’s really no other way out, so Scott accepts the deal.

But naturally, both sides hide their dishonesty. The two werewolves are killed and despite making an appearance of leaving, Scott’s pack isn’t going anywhere. Scott says it’s time for them to fight back.

Now that we know what escaped from the Ghost Riders, it’s time to figure out who it is. There is one obvious candidate: Nolan. He hasn’t appeared in any other season and is definitely trying to heighten everyone’s unease around the supernatural. Lydia also drew 68 last week and that is his lacrosse number. We still haven’t gotten a full explanation for the importance of the number.

Another candidate is Tamora, but this one might not pan out simply because of her story. She has been in Beacon Hills for some time, not locked away with the Hunt. She was also present at the same time the faceless being was running around the tunnels, but that may not mean anything. It is also possible that she was possessed by the creature when Beacon Hills was getting erased and that’s how it made it’s escape. Or the being is someone we don’t even know, but I don’t think that’s likely.

Teen Wolf takes a break next week and returns Sunday, September 3, with the episode entitled ‘Triggers.’


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