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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Blitzkrieg’

Published on January 18th, 2017 | Updated on January 18th, 2017 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Blitzkrieg’

We begin in Nazi Germany where Douglas is a commander intent on having his own undead army. He pitches this idea to other Nazi officials and they wave it off. Douglas goes anyway and ends up in a face-off with the Ghost Riders. All of his men are taken, but when the Hunt tries to take Douglas, the whip only leaves a scratch and he flees. After this, he ends up in the clutches of the Dread Doctors, who run experiments on him, then dump him in a tank for 70 years. Unfortunately, that time only made him stronger. Theo makes a deal with Liam before telling them this story. Liam is forced to break the sword. Douglas is a werewolf/lion, who also has a bit of Ghost Rider in him, which is why he is able to withstand their attacks now. He is intent on making the Hunt his pawns. Lovely.

Meanwhile, Scott, Lydia, and Malia track down the supernatural rift. They finally find it in the sewers. Scott says that he will pass through, turn Stiles into a werewolf, then bring him back. Once Stiles returns, they think that he will be able to come up with a plan to retrieve everyone else. They are interrupted by Douglas, who has Parrish in tow. Douglas says that they want the same thing, but he is just lying to them. Liam shows up at that moment having just lost Mason and Hayden to the Hunt. A fight breaks out, but they really don’t stand a chance against the over-powered werelion. Parrish breaks through the rift, then he and Parrish disappear. The rift seals itself behind them.

And then two Riders appear. Scott and Malia hold them off while Liam and Lydia make their escape. They are both about to be taken when Peter appears. He shouts for them to leave, fighting the two Riders. They pin his arms down, then shoot him. He vanishes in a puff of green smoke.

The remaining four members of Team Wolf reconvene at Scott’s house, where he keeps trying to call his mom. Unknown to him, Douglas made her and Chris vanish after they revealed Parrish’s location. They are without hope when Noah shows up.

Noah spent the episode remembering Stiles. He came across some of Stiles’ red yarn from his crime board and started remaking it. As he did so, pictures and newspaper clippings reappear. Stiles’ bedroom returns as Noah connects the string. When he tries to show this to Claudia, however, she cannot see anything. Noah then hands her a picture of Stiles and Claudia in the hospital on her last “good day.” He tells her that he remembers that day now. Noah knew that as she went to sleep that night, that was the last time he would see her. As he finally admits the truth, Claudia vanishes. But then, there’s a purple light behind him.

Noah tells Team Wolf that for a fleeting moment, he could see his son, Mieczyslaw Stilinski. Though the original rift is closed to Team Wolf, they may be able to open new ones by regaining their memories of Stiles.

This episode was packed. We got Stiles’ real name! Finally! And no wonder he went by Stiles. We also have a pretty extensive disappear count as Melissa, Chris, Mason, Hayden, and Peter were taken. Douglas’ plan was revealed and I think he has a pretty good shot of taking over the Hunt. I am surprised by how easily Parrish is being controlled considering how much of a threat he was to the Dread Doctors. You’d have thought they would’ve learned this language and taken him out of the equation.

Since the sword has been broken, Theo is “free.” Sure, he was left in a jail cell, but he will probably make his escape. I can’t imagine what he’ll do now. Probably just get in the way some more and try to take over.

Next week, all the emotions as Team Wolf remember Stiles in the episode titled ‘Memory Found.’

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