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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Apotheosis’

Published on March 9th, 2016 | Updated on May 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Apotheosis’

Everyone lived!

Sebastian Valet is intent on destroying Beacon Hills, but there are a couple of obstacles in his way. First, the head Dread Doctor (who they reveal to be Marcel, Sebastian’s friend) made his cane from the pike that killed Sebastian the first time. The Argents took it after they confronted the Beast last episode. Second, Parrish. Sebastian has seen the fresco foreshadowing the showdown between the Hellhound and Beast. Third, Lydia. There is a theory that if the real name of a werewolf is spoken by a banshee, the person within will be free. Team Wolf believes that the only way to save Mason is to have Lydia invoke his name. Unfortunately, Sebastian gets to her first. He is interrupted and doesn’t kill Lydia, but injures her throat.

Theo is injured from his previous encounter with the Beast. Tracy gets him back to their lair. It seems like they’re about to hook up when Theo stabs her with his claws and steals her power then leaves her dead on the floor.

Malia is stuck in the house with the Desert Wolf. She tries to call Stiles for help, but her mom can sense her movements and advises her not to do that. If anyone shows up, she will kill them. Braeden is outside of the house waiting for an opportunity to  strike.

Scott, Liam, Stiles, and Mama McCall get Lydia out of the hospital. Scott, Liam, and Lydia go after Sebastian, while Stiles goes to help Malia. Parrish and Sebastian are locked in combat when Scott’s group arrives on the scene. They are betrayed by Theo once again (big surprise), who electrifies a puddle of water and then tries to take Lydia out of the equation by dropping her down a hole in the floor. Scott catches Lydia, but Theo injects him with the Kamina poison and he drops her. This disrupts Parrish, who leaves the fight to go after Lydia.

Theo tries to steal the power from Sebastian but it does absolutely nothing (serves him right). Sebastian knocks him aside and goes after Parrish and Lydia. Deucalion shows up with Scott and Liam at his side. They were working together the whole time! Deucalion snaps Theo’s neck (unfortunately it doesn’t kill him). Then, the Argents show up. Grandpa Argent shoots Deucalion and then turns on Scott. Chris gets in the way and throws the cane to Scott, telling him to end it.

Meanwhile, Stiles shows up at the house to save Malia. There’s a battle and Stiles ends up with a big shard of glass in his chest. Malia gets her mom where she wants her then stabs her with the magical claws that had previously been in Theo’s possession, and steals the last of her mother’s abilities. They get Stiles out of there, and for a little bit I thought that was going to be kill him off that way. Luckily, he survives the ordeal.

Lydia is stuck in a room when suddenly, Kira appears. She gets Lydia free and they head for Sebastian, who is fighting Scott and Liam. The two boys are trying to get an opening to stab the Beast, but they can’t get one. Sebastian knocks Liam aside and goes in to steal Scott’s abilities. But when he accesses Scott’s memories, he sees Allison and is reminded of his sister. He lets Scott go, which gives Lydia time to arrive and scream the name “Mason” at the Beast. The monster fades away, leaving Mason in its place. Corey shows up and snatches him before he falls. The Beast is still spiriting around, but Parrish arrives and keeps it pinned. Scott then throws the cane/spear at the spirit and destroys it.

Image: MTV
Image: MTV

Theo shows up, but Kira tells him that his sister has a bone to pick with him. She slams her sword into the ground and summons Theo’s sister, who drags him into the abyss before the floor closes up again. Thank goodness he’s gone, but I am sure not for good.

The episode ends with Team Wolf feeling great because they just saved all of Beacon Hills. Scott turns Hayden into a werewolf, making her an official part of the pack. Kira made a deal with the Skinwalkers and has to return to them and finish her training. Papa Stilinski tells Stiles that he should pursue being in law enforcement, and I agree. He has an analytical mind and enjoys saving people and would be a great cop or detective. The final monologue is delivered by Stiles, who is telling Lydia that all of them saved Beacon Hills, even Allison. It was because of her that they were able to get an opening. Team Wolf is all smiles, believing that the worst is behind them.

But this is Beacon Hills. The thing in the green tank that was hooked up to Mason has escaped. I’m guessing that’s our antagonist in the next season.

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