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‘Teen Wolf’ Reboot Already in the Works at MTV

Teen Wolf Reboot Already in the Works at MTV

Though the 2011 series hasn’t finished yet, MTV is already planning to reboot the series as an anthology featuring a new cast and setting. MTV President Chris McCarthy says that they are in talks with creator Jeff Davis about how to keep the franchise alive. They will do a series of podcasts following the end of the series and then introduce a new class in a couple of years.

My initial reaction was “Why?” but there is actually potential for a new series. I think reboot isn’t even the correct term to be using. It sounds more of like a spin-off or sequel. One of the reasons I fell in love with Teen Wolf is because there was such a richness to the monster mythology. And there’s a lot more that could be explored. So a continuation could work and it would be interesting to see a new set of characters dealing with some different creatures. And there’s also the potential for some of our favorite characters to return and help out the newbies.

Teen Wolf returns for its final ten episodes Sunday, July 30, on MTV.