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Teen Wolf: Dylan O’Brien Turns Down ‘Teen Wolf’ Movie Role and Explains Why

Dylan O’Brien dashed the hopes of Teen Wolf fans when he said he would not be a part of the sequel. While most of the cast, including Tyler Posey, has begun filming, Dylan O’Brien opted out of reprising his role in Beacon Hills.

However, the actor clarified that it was not an easy one to make. In a conversation with Collider, the actor said talks of the film came rather suddenly. But ultimately, what influenced his choice was how he had already made peace with the tale’s and Stiles’ arc’s conclusion in Season 6’s series finale last year

“For me, it ended up boiling down to, it was all coming together very quickly. It was an abrupt and surprising thing that they threw at us. With everyone’s love for the show, I think everyone was pretty game to have open ears about it. Ultimately, it sounds funny, but it’s something that’s so precious to me, that I wouldn’t want to return to it without my knowing that my full heart is in it. I felt really peaceful in the way that we had closed the book on it before and for myself. I just ultimately decided that I was content with leaving it there and not opening it back up.”

O’Brien played Stiles Stilinski for six seasons. He quickly became a fan favorite for his never-ending supply of sarcastic humor and unwavering loyalty to his pals, which helped make this series a success for MTV and positive reviews for other shows on the network.

After the conclusion of Teen Wolf in 2017, O’Brien continued to flourish as an actor. He starred in the Maze Runner film series and several others, notably Bumblebee and Love and Monsters. His most recent job is in The Outfit, alongside Mark Rylance, Zoey Deutch, and Johnny Flynn.

Those looking to refresh their memories of the supernatural world of Teen Wolf may watch it once it debuts on Paramount Plus.

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