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Take a Look at the Upcoming Netflix Series: ‘Altered Carbon’

Published on December 4th, 2017 | Updated on December 4th, 2017 | By FanFest

Photo Credit: EW via Netflix

If you’re a science fiction fan, Netflix just premiered the first look at an upcoming series that’s sure to blow your mind. In fact, we think the series will pull fans from many genres together with its storyline.

Altered Carbon, the Netflix series, is based on the 2003 novel, Carbon by Richard K Morgan which teases what to some is a basic desire – to live forever.

In the novel, and the series (from what we can see so far) this is done by placing your state of consciousness in a ‘stack’ while upgrading to a new body – thus allowing life to continue. Of course, this won’t come without price or risk which will make for the bulk of the story.

In fact, this story revolves around an imprisoned soldier named Takeshi Kovacs who wakes centuries later in a new body. His freedom comes from Laurens Bancroft who is asking that he find out who killed his former body. As we said, the risks and prices ultimately paid will be massive.

Laeta Kalogridis had this to say about the series and what it’s building towards.

The complexity of the story requires — as noir often does — to make something that’s an extremely twisty murder mystery, but it also had to be hard-R tonally, and a hard-R sci-fi movie usually is something like Logan, for example, where you’re building out a piece of a franchise.

She went on to talk about how the series is very different from what is already out there.

It’s very different than what else is out in this space. There’s some Philip K. Dick in there, William Gibson, obviously Ridley Scott, and actually some Orson Welles and John Huston. We tried to imagine what a potential globalized future on Earth would look like, with a certain amount of technological change, a certain amount of technological familiarity and a very large degree of human familiarity.

While this is the most information we’ve heard about the series so far, we sort of want to stay in the dark about it. This is the type of series to go into with as little prior knowledge as possible and allow yourself to be swept up in the concept.

Altered Carbon premieres on Netflix on February 2nd.


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