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Take a First Look at the Brand New ‘Ataribox’ Design

Just about one month ago at E3, Atari teased the arrival of its first new console in almost 25 years, Ataribox.  Nobody really knew what to think as many suspected the teaser might have been a hoax or a joke.  Afterall, Atari had stopped production in 1992 and later filed for bankruptcy in 2003.

At the time, CEO Fred Chesnais gave little detail other than saying,“We’re back in the hardware business.”  Today, Atari released first look at the brand new console.

Atari’s objective was to stay true to the company’s heritage but also by giving fans an upgrade.  In order to do this, the Ataribox comes in two editions, a wood edition, and a black/red edition.  Ataribox combines nostalgic elements (such as the use of wood grain and ribbed lines) with a smooth, sleek body.  The front panel of the system can either be wood or glass (for a more modern feel), with indicator lights and a variety of input ports including HDMI, 4XUSB and SD.

The folks at Atari want fans to know that, while the ports on the console do indicate modern internal specs and modern gaming, they will definitely be making those classic games we all know and love also available on the Ataribox.

No details yet on pricing, specs, games, features, etc, but, Atar promises more details are coming soon.  Check out the stunning new Ataribox in the gallery below.  You can subscribe to their website for immediate release info or, keep checking in with us here at Fan Fest News!

What do you think?  Would you be interested in buying a brand new Atari?  Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


Photos and Source: Atari