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‘The 100’ Recap: ‘Stealing Fire’

The 100 returns from a seemingly long break, and we’re faced with the harsh reality that perhaps there’s no light at the end of this dark and twisty tunnel. Contrary to the opinions of many of my fellow fans, I still enjoy this show. I’ve been reading the tweets you’re sending me, and I understand your continued aggravation, and the fact that your pain is still very fresh, and still very real. My love for our fallen Commander has not diminished just because I continue to indulge in this sci...
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‘The 100’ Recap: ‘Watch the Thrones’

This article contains full spoilers of the episode. There’s much to be said about this episode of The 100, one that I am both enthralled and outraged by. OK, outraged might be a bit of a stretch, but there were moments I absolutely loved and some I questioned. After a few notable leaks of scenes between some of the interactions on the show, I’m happy to say that the fans still enjoyed a grand hour of TV tonight. Let’s get right to it. LEXA VS ROAN Credit: The CW One...

‘The 100’ Preview ‘Watch The Thrones’

“It’s not too late to choose the right side.” In the preview, we see Clarke, the newly appointed Ambassador of the 13th clan demanding justice for the (second) massacre at Mount Weather. Will she get it? Lord I hope so. This girl has been through hell and back, and her people deserve a little retribution… well, not quite in the way Pike is presenting to the group. Pike chimes in back at Arkadia “when do we strike back?” Only to be met with a “we don’t” from Abby. We...