The Future of Scott Snyder

Scott Snyder has had a big week coming off the release of Batman #50 (have you guys read it yet? That issue is crazy town banana pants. Go read it. Now.). With only one issue left to his tremendous run on the main Batman series, most fans have been wondering what he'll take on next. I would argue that Snyder has had one of the all time greatest Batman runs (yes I liked him way better then Grant Morrison's run), and hate to see him leave the title. It mostly...

Who Is the Joker?

There was a lot of great things coming out of WonderCon this weekend but none more curious then DC's announcement to reveal the identity of the Joker... Yes I'll allow that to sink in for a moment. The. Identity. Of. The. Joker. The reveal will be coming in the Geoff Johns written Justice League #50 later this year. The Joker's identity has always been something of comic book lore and many fans, myself included, feel that it's not important to the character. What makes the Joker scary is the fact...