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‘The Walking Dead’: Melissa McBride on Carol and Daryl’s ‘Relationship’

Many fans and bloggers have been questioning it, and the beautiful Melissa McBride recently discussed it in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. What exactly is going on with Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon? Is it a deep friendship? Is it something more? Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on the show, smiled when asked the question during a recent visit to the Los Angeles Times to discuss the show, her role and her connection to co-star Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl. "There's no denying that there's chemistry there," Melissa...
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Happy Birthday Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

Today is Jeffrey Dean Morgan's 50th birthday! Happy Birthday! Jeffrey, who recently stepped into the role of Negan on AMC's The Walking Dead, has entertained fans on some of television's biggest shows, including Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife, and Supernatural. Jeffrey is also known for his role as the Comedian in The Watchmen. You know that pinata has to be part of today's festivities! We just wonder whose head it's shaped like?...

Ronda Rousey would like to be on ‘The Walking Dead’

The UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey revealed in a video interview on Draft Kings with New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. that she wants to be on The Walking Dead. In an off the wall interview question, Rousey asked Beckham Jr. which show he would rather be on out of the options from Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. Beckham Jr. stated that he would rather be on Game of Thrones. Even though he hadn't seen very much of the show, he really enjoyed the concept...
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Lauren Cohan Responds to ‘The Walking Dead’s Leaked Audio

An audio tape was leaked on April 1st, in which we could hear screams while Negan was conducting his murder of the unknown victim. If you do not want to possibly be spoiled, read no further please! Some people claimed to hear Maggie yelling Glenn's name during the clip, and many media outlets have asked cast members to comment on it. The Huffington Post (you can hear the audio there as well) talked with Lauren Cohan last week and asked about the audio. Her response was that any outcome was possible, and that the actors weren't present for the cut when Negan swung the bat. “Here’s a good piece of...

Fear the Walking Dead ‘Cast Ep 216: “We All Fall Down” (FTWD:S2E2)

Great episode this week. A bit story-of-the-week, but mysterious and ultimately horrifying. To us it feels like FTWD is getting up and finding its legs. Join Melissa, Duncan, and Jason as we break it down. Plus news and your feedback. If you'd like to give us a call, you can call us at (650) 485-3323 or email You can download and subscribe to us in iTunes at Look for us on Facebook at and on Twitter at And you can find us on the web at...
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Tyler James Williams Says He Knows Who Negan Killed on ‘The Walking Dead’

Everyone wants to know, or thinks they know who we lost at the mercy of Negan's trusty bat Lucille. Former actor on the show Tyler James Willams, says he has the answer. “Yes, yeah, I know.” He said. Williams said he found out in the middle of shooting season 6. He also revealed why most of the cast says they don't know. “Oh, yeah, of course, we all still speak and they kind of keep me up to date and stuff on what’s going on and all of that. You have to understand showrunner Scott Gimple knows everything seasons and seasons out, so people knew, but we can’t...
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Exclusive Interview: Could ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ star Mercedes Mason be the next Carol?

Let’s be real, everyone loves zombies. If the world’s ending, I’m pretty sure a good portion of us want to go out in a gutsy glory-- wielding machetes, slinging guns and toting around… a water filtration system? Yes, this is an actual thing Fear the Walking Dead star Mercedes Mason insists on bringing if the apocalypse were to ever happen in real life. A nerdy, yet totally logical response and damn, we’re definitely thinking we’d want her to join our survival team. Mason, who plays Ofelia Salazar, a sheltered and emotionally stunted young woman whose family dynamic is not ideal for prospering in a dire situation like...
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