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Did We Miss a Reference to The Kingdom in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale?

The big question we left with after The Walking Dead Season 6 finale was obviously the big one- who did Negan kill? That we don't know (aside from our theories which are most likely true). Fans have been so focused on that huge cliffhanger that some may have overlooked one of the many easter eggs they would have been analyzing otherwise. As the Alexandria chapter comes to a close because of Negan, the group is at his mercy for the time being. In the comics, the next big colony that...
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‘The Walking Dead’: Melissa McBride on Carol and Daryl’s ‘Relationship’

Many fans and bloggers have been questioning it, and the beautiful Melissa McBride recently discussed it in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. What exactly is going on with Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon? Is it a deep friendship? Is it something more? Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on the show, smiled when asked the question during a recent visit to the Los Angeles Times to discuss the show, her role and her connection to co-star Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl. "There's no denying that there's chemistry there," Melissa...
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