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Zack Snyder explains why Grant Gustin isn’t his Flash

Last year when all of us fan boys and girls waited around for CW's The Flash to air, we got news from the DCCU overlord Zack Snyder that Ezra Miller would be playing the scarlet speedster in the cinematic universe. CW/DC Comics This was before we even officially met the TV universe Flash portrayed by the ever lovable Grant Gustin. Many fans were upset by the news and wanted to know why. The answer we were given from Snyder and many DC exects was that the cinematic universe was a...
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It was announced earlier this year that Kevin Smith would be directing an episode of The Flash that would air in May. Kevin Smith plays Silent Bob in his own universe of movies, the silent thoughtful counter part to his loud and lovable hetero life mate Jay. The two tie the movie universe together interconnecting a crazy web of characters and story lines. Many now famous actors including our very own Batman, Ben Affleck got early starts in Kevin Smith movies! In addition to acting and directing Smith is a...
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