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The Pull List 4/20/16

I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so, so... excited to be talking about comic books with you my Geeklings! I'm sure most of you are wondering, "Kevin, why would you open with a Saved By the Bell reference", and the answer is simple... it's awesome. Duh. But there is actually a deeper answer to this question because today, April 20th, marks the day that the first volume of Save By the Bell comics is being released by IDW. Yes our prayers have finally been met and the universe finds...

Willem Dafoe Joins ‘Justice League’ Cast

Willem Defoe, who portrayed the Green Goblin in the Sam raimi’s Spider-Man movie, will officially join the Justice League cast! The Hollywood Reporter website has said he ‘will be joining the good guys in Justice League. So, it seems he won’t be the villain this time.   Of course, every other detail of who he'll play or what his character is going to be like, is locked away for a very long time. The Hollywood Reporter also said "playing a good guy in a role that will see him appear in both parts of the JL movies," but they were very careful not to place a name like...

Katie Cassidy to appear on ‘The Flash’

Marc Guggenheim confirmed at a Monday press screening that Katie Cassidy, who plays Laurel Lance aka The Black Canary on Arrow, will appear in an upcoming Flash episode! In the parallel universe known to us 'Flash- ivists' know as Earth 2, Katie will be taking on the role of Black Siren. Black Siren was a member of the Justice Society and the mother of Dinah Laurel Lance in the DC Comics. As a matter of fact, Black Siren was the only female member of the Justice Guild of America! DC...
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