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Suicide Squad’s Joker was Meant to be a lot ‘Darker’ of a Character

When Suicide Squad debuted, it was one of those films that left audiences and critics on two sides of a well-drawn line. It was loved or it was hated, not many people left the theater with the notion that it was 'an okay film'. People said it hyped up the characters too much, others said there wasn't enough of a current plot, and some big complaints came from the lack of scenes with the Joker aside from what we saw in trailers and teasers. Of course, those who loved the...

Chris Pratt on Suicide Squad ‘They were introducing too many characters’

Suicide Squad was one of the most talked about superhero and villain films of all time. The movie, focusing on the 'bad guys' created a type of subculture among fans of some of the heroes that stood against the villains in original comics/movies and fans of the villains themselves. From Deadshot to The Joker and Harley Quinn - there was no shortage in badassery for Suicide Squad, even if some fans felt that it fell short in the grand scheme of things. Chris Pratt is of a superhero world all...
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