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David Ayer on ‘Suicide Squad’ Re-shoots

Since the March 25th release date of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice everyone's favorite part to pick on is that the movie isn't fun enough, not enough jokes. At the end of March a source announced that Suicide Squad would be getting re- shoots and the main reason was to add more jokes. The source said that every joke in the movie appeared in that first trailer. As a fan of Batman V Superman I was terrified of the thought of the studio saying "put them back in costume and add 100 funnyone liners." I was seriously having nightmares! David Ayer to the rescue, following...


Harley Quinn was first introduced as the clown prince of crime's girlfriend in Batman: The Animated Series. From the moment she appeared she has been a fan favorite, getting several solo stories along with team up comics. In her first appearance and for a while afterwards she was depicted in a red and black court jesters outfit. In some comics you see her in a corset and pants/shorts, and in the Arkham series we saw a spin on that with a corset dress. Whatever she is wearing fans are always...
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