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The Pull List 4/13/16

Welcome back to the Pull List Geeklings! Miss me? Of course you did! Well good thing for you I'm back to break down all your comic needs for the week. Now, now, now...there's no need to thank me I do it strictly for the pleasure of helping all of you figure out what to fill your eyeholes with. I guess in that way writing this column makes me a super hero...a super hero who writes about comics that contain super heroes? Sounds like a Deadpool story waiting to happen. #breakthe4thwall...

David Ayer on ‘Suicide Squad’ Re-shoots

Since the March 25th release date of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice everyone's favorite part to pick on is that the movie isn't fun enough, not enough jokes. At the end of March a source announced that Suicide Squad would be getting re- shoots and the main reason was to add more jokes. The source said that every joke in the movie appeared in that first trailer. As a fan of Batman V Superman I was terrified of the thought of the studio saying "put them back in costume and add 100 funnyone liners." I was seriously having nightmares! David Ayer to the rescue, following...


Harley Quinn was first introduced as the clown prince of crime's girlfriend in Batman: The Animated Series. From the moment she appeared she has been a fan favorite, getting several solo stories along with team up comics. In her first appearance and for a while afterwards she was depicted in a red and black court jesters outfit. In some comics you see her in a corset and pants/shorts, and in the Arkham series we saw a spin on that with a corset dress. Whatever she is wearing fans are always...
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