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Ep 10 Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page took the wrestling world by storm and has revolutionized fitness with DDP Yoga! We talk to DDP about both, as well as his acting, horror, & more!...

Ep 9 Lincoln Castellanos

We are joined by Lincoln Castellanos aka "Tobias" from FEAR The Walking Dead!Lincoln talked to Dave about what it was like, joining the cast of 'FEAR The Walking Dead," growing up in California, his first Walker Stalker Con experience, and more!...

Ep 8 Melissa Hutchison

Known best for voicing "Clementine" in Telltale's "The Walking Dead" Video Game Series, the wonderful Melissa Hutchison sat down with Dave in Philly for a hilarious and informative show!...

Ep 7 Ross Marquand

Master impressionist, Aaron on "The Walking Dead," and fantastic guy, Ross Marquand took some time to chat with Dave Solo on an all NEW Solo Sessions!...

Ep 6 Jordan Woods-Robinson

Blue Man and Eric on "The Walking Dead," the amazing Jordan Woods- Robinson sits down with Dave and talks TWD, Blue Man Group, Walker Stalker Con, and more!...
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