The Pull List 3/23/16

Can I kick it (yes you can) Can I kick it (yes you can) Fellow Geeklings welcome to the Pull List, where we're kicking it in honor of Phife Dawg, one of the legendary members of A Tribe Called Quest. It has not been a good year for musical icons, has it? A Tribe Called Quest were hip hop pioneers, and worthy of celebration. My suggestion is grab your books for the week, put on Midnight Maruders, and kick back (yes you can). Now let's break down the week in...

Civil War II Teams Are Picked

With today being the first real day of March Madness it only makes sense that Marvel would finally announce the teams for the upcoming Civil War II event this summer, and man are they kind of surprising. Over on Team Iron Man, which is looking pretty stacked if you ask me, you have Thor, Star Lord, Black Widow, Sam Wilson's Captain America, Black Panther, Daredevil, and Deadpool (more on him soon). Then over on Captain Marvel's team you have Ant-Man, Steve Rogers's Captain America, Vision, Spider-Man (Peter Parker style), Winter...

New X-Mean Apocalypse Trailer and More

Well what an unexpected Saint Patrick's Day treat that was fellow Geeklings! I had no idea that there would be a new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer dropping today so you can imagine my surprise when I went on Facebook and saw it in my feed. As a matter of fact it went a little something like this- (actually it didn't go anything like that I just wanted to use this gif). For those of you who had to do the work thing all day and didn't get a moment to sneak...

The Pull List 3/16/16

Fellow Geeklings!!! Not only is today the best day of the week, #yaynewcomics, but it just so happens to fall on the best obscure holiday ever, National Stone Cold Steve Austin Day (it's 3/16 kids!)!! I'm not sure if this an actual holiday but it should be. So Geeklings, crack open a Steveweiser and give me a "Hell Yeah" as it's time to break down the best books of the week. On a personal level my Pull List is a bit light this week after getting hit pretty hard last...

Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ Hits Netflix September 30th

We're just a week away from season two of Daredevil hitting our screens and, finally, we've got an idea when to expect the newest Netflix series to debut on the streaming service. Last night at the Daredevil red carpet premiere in New York City actor Mike Colter revealed his solo series, Luke Cage, will debut this September. Originally the show was pegged to arrive in early November but with Marvel's slate at Netflix only growing, Marvel and Netflix set the streaming date sooner than fans expected. “Its going to be...

Ms. Marvel Is Going To War

What a day to be a Marvel fan fellow Geeklings! I take it by the this point most of you have seen the Captain America: Civil War trailer, and if you haven't I have to ask why? Do you just hate joy or has all the WiFi in your area been destroyed by joy hating monsters? Please get on that, not for me, but for you. I'll wait. ... ... ... Aaaaaaaand?!?! I know it was amazing (as in Spider-Man! See what I did there?) and you need to watch...

The Pull List 3/9/16

Hello fellow Geeklings and welcome to this weeks edition of The Pull List! Since I've gone all digital with my books (I'm not sure if this is a comic book crime or not but it makes reading them so much easier, and helps with storage. Not to mention I have all these comics at my finger tips. Thank you Comixolo gy!) I get emails every Thursday letting me know which one of my books are coming out the following week. This week just so happened to be a pretty big...

More Civil War II Teasers

With the promise of a new Captain America: Civil War trailer tomorrow (eeeeeeeeeee) it only makes sense that Marvel continues it's teaser campaign for this summers Civil War II. Since last weeks post Marvel has been leaking images to Comic Book Resources and Ign Comics almost daily. I would imagine that the characters being chosen are going to be key players, and if that's the case then I'm pretty pleased with the way things are shaping up. We know that Iron Man and Captain Marvel will be heading the respective...

Marvel releases new Captain America: Civil War, Team Teaser Trailers

Marvel has released brief, teaser clips of Team Captain America and Team Iron Man for it's new upcoming flick Captain America: Civil War to be released in theaters May 6th, 2016. Cap: Civil War also released the following messages on Twitter. It looks as though we will be getting one final look before the film's release! Oh boy, I cannot wait! Check out the teaser trailer below, where we get a good look at the teams divided.  ...
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