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Fan Art Friday: Game of Thrones!

This Sunday! The highly anticipated HBO hit TV series Game of Thrones returns to the delight of fans throughout the realm. Last season sadly saw the demise some of our most cherished characters. The good news? Season 7 promises to delve more deeply into those that continue to be massive 'Game' changers and consistent fan favorites. This week I dedicate Fan Art Friday to those still alive and ready to take a stand in the quest for the Iron Throne. Are YOU ready? He knows nothing, she seems to know everything.... Artist: Instagram -...
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Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Kristian Nairn “Hold the Door” for Some Unsuspecting Fans

Warning: Possible Game of Thrones spoilers ahead though, at what point can we say enough time has passed and things are no longer considered to be a spoiler any longer.  Oh, who knows.  Just to play it safe, do not read on if you are not caught up with the series! If you are a true Game of Thrones fan and someone asks you to, "hold the door," for them, are you able to do so without busting out into tears over the loss of our beloved Hodor yet?  We're still not quite...
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