Fan Fest ’31 Days of Slashers’: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Tom McLoughlin talks Directing Iconic Horror Franchise; Friday the 13th!

Happy October, my fellow geeklings! Now that October has finally stumbled upon us, we can officially begin our haunting season. For the month of October, we will be doing ’31 Days of Slashers’, which will feature facts, spotlights and even some interviews from some of our favorite iconic horror villains. Are you ready for Halloween?! We sure are! Tonight, we have another special treat for you! I recently spoke with Hollywood Director Tom McLoughlin on directing the iconic horror film Friday the 13th: Jason Lives. Since his work on Friday, has wow'd audiences with...

Interview Exclusive: Jason David Frank Opens Up At New York Comic Con! Acting, Fans, Life After Scare In Phoenix.

Jason David Frank (JDF), best known for his role as Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver in The Power Ranger Universe, continues to delight fans across the world. Jason is well known on the Comic-Con scene and can always be found surrounded by hundreds of fans waiting to meet their childhood hero. New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2017 was no different. Some video game action as Jason David Frank faces off with fans during NYCC 2017. Credit: Linda Marie Exactly one year ago I was covering the trailer release for Ninjak vs...
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Video Exclusive: Yara Martinez Talks Being a Supervillain on “The Tick”

The Tick star Yara Martinez caught up with Fan Fest News which visiting New York Comic Con this past weekend. We discussed Ms. Lint's origin story, the future of evil, and she even teased a possible reunion between her and Bridget Regan's characters on Jane the Virgin. Grab several powdered donuts and DIG IN! ________________________ They all crumbled by end day @McKenzieLyn here's a selfie me gracefully devouring one trying to avoid a powder mess — Yara Martinez (@yaritafrita) October 8, 2017...
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