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Ommegang Releases ‘Game of Thrones’ New Craft

The Game of Thrones season 6 premiere is just days away! Are you excited? Are you throwing a premiere party? If you are (or even if you aren't), you're going to want to check out the Ommegang Game of Thrones beer series. Brewery Ommegang and HBO teamed up to produce a collaboration series consisting of 5 previous releases plus a brand new brew which has just been released in honor of the season 6 premiere. Youdon't have to be a beer geek, like me, to appreciate the tastes. All the...
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Need More ‘Game of Thrones’ In Your Life? You Got it!

With the sixth season on the horizon, fans of 'Game of Thrones' have been gearing up for what will come with this new and uncharted territory from those at the show's helm. A show that seems ripe for discussion and theoretical chatter, Thrones is now getting the chance offer just that. HBO is going to bring you an after show, much like AMC's 'The Talking Dead', that will be available starting April 25th on the show's mobile platforms.   Hosted by Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan from Simmons’ new site,...
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Peter Dinklage to Host SNL (FINALLY!)

Yes! We've waited. We've petitioned. And now, it's finally happening! Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister on HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ will be hosting 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend with musical guest, Gwen Stefani. Dinklage has previously appeared in cameos during SNL skits but, never as host of the show. In the below promo with SNL cast member Cecily Strong, Dinklage declares, “Summer is coming!” while Strong, who is "a bit of a nerd", asks about his role on GoT, “So you play Tyrone on Game of Thorns. How has that...

Could ‘Beware the Slenderman’ Be Our Next True Crime Obsession?

Move over, ‘Making a Murderer’… There is a new true crime documentary coming to HBO. 'Beware the Slenderman' premiered this weekend at the South by Southwest film festival (SXS) and it has been causing quite a stir. The documentary film, by award-winning director Irene Taylor Brodsky, tells the true story of two young girls who allegedly stabbed their friend 19 times, claiming to do so in order to please a supernatural “boogeyman” type character known as, Slenderman. The incident took place in May of 2014 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where the...
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