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‘Gotham: Mad City’: Adult Poison Ivy Featurette Released

Gotham is back and we are almost to the second episode of season 3. We still saw the young Ivy Pepper, but had an exclusive on the adult version of Ivy Pepper (or like we know her, Poison Ivy). Take a look: "Little Ivy has been changed, she's been morphed into big Ivy. She doesn't really know what happened to her, but she likes it," Geha said.   You know what is more exciting? The fact that we will see the older Poison Ivy in the next episode....
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‘Gotham’: Benedict Samuel Talks About How Far the Mad Hatter Is Willing To Go To Find his Sister

It has been over a month when they revealed that Benedict Samuel was cast for the role as the Mad Hatter, a.k.a. Jervis Tetch, for the third season of Gotham. They also have been releasing sneak peeks of Mad Hatters lair. Then EW released a first look of the Mad Hatter on July 18 (which you can see above). Zap2it had a set visit and had the chance of talking to the Mad Hatter himself. He revealed just how much Jervis Tetch wants to find is sister to them: “His...
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‘Gotham: Heroes Will Fall’: A First Look at Valerie Vale

A few weeks back, we already saw a glimpse of Valerie Vale when they released the production sneak peek videos. But now, there is an official picture released via TV Line. Take a look!     Jamie Chung, who is acting as Valerie Vale, had a talk even and said where they would find Valerie at first. “You find Valerie in the midst of it all asking the tough questions, trying to get to the core of the story. She’ll gives the cops a lead, but continues to show up — and that makes...
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