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‘Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics’ Crash Course: “The Color of Comics”

Last week we saw how New York, politics and tragedies influenced comic books, this week we'll take a look at Milestone Comics. Comic book heroes were meant to be relateable to their readers. Unfortunately, there were no black heroes. There was black representation in comics, but they were very stereotypical to that time. Derek Dingle and Denys Cowen got into comic books when they were young and they were disappointed to see that there were no heroes that they could relate to. Black Panther was the first, non stereotypical black figure in a...

Netflix’s ‘The Keepers’ Will Be Your Next True-Crime Obsession

Following in the successful footsteps of Making a Murderer, Netflix is set to release it's newest true-crime docuseries called The Keepers. Photo: Netflix The streaming service dropped a trailer for the new series earlier this month containing powerful footage and real life testimony that is sure to send a chill down your spine.  The series tells the story of an unsolved murder of a nun from Baltimore named Sister Cathy.  The docuseries explores possible motives for her murder and, a shocking conspiracy theory that the whole thing was an elaborate cover up,...