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‘Arrow’ Preview ‘Underneath’

Talk about getting 'locked in' (or 'trapped in' I guess would be more appropriate) to couple's therapy! This week on Arrow we pick up directly after last week's rather explosive ending (pun intended). For those of you who are big 'Olicity' fans, it looks as though this may be quite a touching episode for you; however it won't be without a few dangers. We still have a serial killer, Prometheus, on the lose and according to Helix's biometric tracker.... he's somewhere in the Arrow Cave. Check out the preview and official...
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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

There is nothing more exciting for me (well almost nothing more exciting for me) than having my all time favorite TV Show return, after being on a hiatus. The struggle has really been real the past few weeks, as I have been dying to know what journeys lay ahead for Oliver and his Team; especially when the news of Manu's Bennett returning as Deathstroke were released! Surprisingly during this episode, there were no flashbacks. Not that I despise the flashbacks, but it definitely kept the focus that was required for...
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