Melissa McBride says Morgan’s Confession Solidifies Carol’s Fight

In episode 10 of The Walking Dead's 7th season, fans saw the long-awaited reunion of Carol and Daryl after a tearful hug when he knocked at her door. "Why'd you go?" Daryl asked as he choked back tears. "I had to." was Carol's response and in that moment, the pair had a mutual understanding. Some of the things that they experienced were too painful to talk about, at least in that moment. As far as Daryl was concerned, after spending the day with Carol, those experiences remained too painful to...
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Norman Reedus Dishes On Daryl’s Fate

After last week’s penultimate episode of The Walking Dead, we sure do have a lot of unanswered questions leading up to the finale. I mean, A LOT! WARNING, the following contains SPOILERS: Images: AMC   Perhaps the most shocking moment of last Sunday's episode comes at the very end when Savior Dwight ambushes Rosita and Daryl, who are trying to rescue the rest of our group. Dwight shoots Daryl (we think though, we aren’t totally sure), blood splatters across the screen (we think it belongs to Daryl. Please tell us...
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