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Trivia Quiz: How well do you know ‘Bosch’ S3 on Amazon Prime?

How well do you know Bosch season 3 on Amazon Prime? Fans are excited about the release of Bosch season 4 on April 13th. Meanwhile, are you all caught up through season 3? Harry was certainly busy attending to several different cases throughout the season. How well do you remember them all? Test your knowledge of Bosch season 3 here and let us know how you did!...
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‘BOSCH’: Season 4 Timeline

When Bosch returned to us for season 3, approximately 16 months had passed since our last Harry sighting. But it sounds like the new season will pick up quite a bit sooner than that. Heroic detective Jerry Edgar was shot by sniper Xavi Moreno while leaving his house in season 3. Thankfully, Edgar survived the nearly fatal gunshot wound. But how is he doing? Jamie Hector who plays Edgar recently shared some videos on Instagram with makeup artist Gabriel De Cunto recreating the wound for season 4 filming. Jamie...
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‘BOSCH’: Filming begins for Season 4, photos shared

Michael Connelly shared on his website that filming for the fourth season of  Amazon's original series Bosch began on July 27th. Fans can visit the author's website to get updates, photos, notes from the author, and more. He announced the start of filming for Bosch season 4 on his website today. "Filming began on season 4 today in Los Angeles. Season 4 will continue the unfinished plot lines from season 3 and will pull elements from Angels Flight." - Michael Connelly The author and Bosch executive producer also shared photos here...
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