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Arrow preview ‘Code of Silence’

After last week's episode 'Sins of the Father', I thought I could not get more pumped. However, after watching the trailer for the fourteenth episode of Season 4 titled 'Code of Silence', I proved myself wrong. The name of the episode alone is enough to make me shake in my seat out of excitement. Also, this episode is directed by James Bamford! When Bamford directed his very first episode this season, the results were phenomenal. I cannot wait to see his hard work pay off in this upcoming episode.  ...
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Arrow ‘Sins of the Father’ Recap

“Use that hate to do what needs to be done. You have to kill Malcolm Merlyn,” -John Diggle I have to say that after all the episodes this season, ‘Sins of the Father’ has got to be, hands down, my favorite episode. It had a consistent flow of action, and the story-line itself was phenomenal. There was not a point or time when I was not on the edge of my seat, and I mean that literally. For the majority of the episode I was on the edge of my...
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‘Arrow’ Preview ‘Sins of The Father’

"There will be war, and the streets of your home will run red with the blood of our enemy..." -Nyssa Al Ghul.   I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am for Wednesday! The thirteenth episode of Arrow, Season 4 titled 'Sins of the Father' aims to bring much promise, and above all, much excitement! I have to say, Oliver is certainly facing a series of rather complicated events, all back to back. First, there is the mayoral campaign, then there are G.H.O.S.T.S running the streets on...
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Arrow ‘Unchained’ Recap

After many months of seeing Facebook photos, tweets on Twitter, and hearing the rumors on the panels at Heroes and Villains fanfest, Colton Haynes finally returned to the set of Arrow. Not only did we get Roy back, but we also were in for a treat with the return of Nyssa Al Ghul. Earlier in Season 4, Malcolm sent Nyssa to the leagues version of prison after she destroyed the Lazarus Pit. Nyssa appeared nothing short of relentless, the only thing on her mind- revenge. Welcome back, Nyssa! You were...
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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘A.W.O.L.’

Warning, major spoilers ahead. While we all have enjoyed the constant, full fledged action of Oliver and Team Arrow running around kicking the enemy’s butt, it was a real treat to have a relaxed episode. Finally, a taste of the ‘lighter tone’ that the writers promised us from last season... or so we thought. Episode 11, ‘A.W.O.L’, started out with the basic hit and run, but this time instead of involving Oliver or Laurel; Diggle and Lyla were indirectly labeled as the victims. Well, Lyla’s friend Chang was the intended...
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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Brotherhood’

“My brother needed me. The green one,” -John Diggle, Arrow   Arrow Season 4 Episode 7 was directed by James Bamford, and the ratings soared even higher this week than they have been. Being Bamford’s first time directing, his work was certainly impressive to say the least. After working on the set for many years, he was finally given the opportunity to debut as a director for the TV series. Mr. Bamford’s work was outstanding. The episode started off at a quick pace, with Team Arrow attempting to disrupt the...
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‘Arrow’ Preview ‘Brotherhood’

Andy Diggle... is alive?? We spent the past three years under the impression that Andy Diggle was dead; murdered by Deadshot. Promotional photos and previews reveal that we couldn’t have been more wrong. Andy is in fact alive, and something says that Andy’s death was not the only thing that Damian Darhk has lied about. Diggle has put his heart and life on the line for Team Arrow, jeopardizing everything to make sure that all of the team members come home safely; showing the true Soldier in him. We can...
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