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All three CW DC shows have released the synopsis for episodes that bring back friends and foes we have lost along the way...or were incarcerated. We start with The Flash who is going to get a time travel episode!! On March 29th Barry will return to his recent past and have to talk with Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne. Barry will also have to struggle with seeing Eddie Thawne, who saved everyone from his crazy relative last season. No trip to the past can be complete without a complication and that is...
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‘Arrow’ Character Spotlight: Malcolm Merlyn

From the moment John Barrowman walked on screen as Malcolm Merlyn, we loved him. I know I certainly did! John has always gone above and beyond in whatever role he has played. I have had the pleasure of meeting John Barrowman on multiple occasions at different conventions, and he has always been an absolute delight. If you have never had the opportuity for a photo op with John Barrowman, it will be, without a doubt one of the best experiences of your life! I chose Malcolm Merlyn for my character...
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Will the Emerald Archer meet the Girl of Steel?

Now that we have seen pictures of Grant Gustin in costume on the set of Supergirl the big question is will we see Stephen Amell don the hood in National City? The duality of the two characters would be a gift to behold; even though Oliver has turned over a new leaf and is trying to be a better version of himself inherently he is still on the cynical side, where Kara sees the best in every person. Plus if Oliver is there we have to hope Diggle is there...
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Arrow ‘Taken’ Recap

I will most certainly say that this weeks episode of Arrow has thrown multiple twists and curve-balls at me. My heart has gone out to Oliver more than it has ever gone out to a favorite character of mine on a show. 'Taken' began with Oliver, Felicity and Paul (Curtis's husband) attempting to teach Felicity how to walk again. Last episode, Curtis gave Felicity a new microchip that would help her gain the ability to walk again. She struggles, and expresses great frustration when she is unable to do so....
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Arrow preview ‘Taken’   In the concluding minutes of the Arrow episode 'Code of Silence' it was revealed to us that Damien Darhk has some major leverage on Oliver Queen. He has kidnapped Oliver's son, William. Talk about a pretty dark deed! For a few weeks now, fans of Arrow have been looking forward to this upcoming episode and the 'big twist' that Marc Guggenheim has been referring to. I know I certainly have been! We know that it is going to be a real gamechanger, and something that has never been...
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Arrow ‘Code of Silence’ Recap

"Do not let Oliver Queen leave this building alive," -Ruve Adams, Arrow Well, I certainly have to say that the fourteenth episode titled 'Code of Silence' certainly had me twitching in my seat with both anticipation and excitement! I really do believe that Season 4 is only getting better, and the plot lines that have been slowly evolving and unfolding have been tremendous! Stunt Coordinator James Bamford did a phenomenal job at directing this episode, and I look forward to seeing many more episodes directed by him! Image: The CW...
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