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POLL: Arrow, Who is in the grave?

It breaks my heart to even think about this question, but I'm curious to know the opinion of my fellow Arrow fans! Every episode that passes brings us another episode closer to finding out who is in the grave. So, my fellow fans, after tonight's episode who do you think is in the grave??...
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Arrow Character Spotlight: Dinah Laurel Lance

Across the Arrow-verse, it would appear as though there are a lot of mixed feelings about Laurel's character. On Social Media, I am a member of several Arrow discussion groups, and for some reason Laurel seems to be the character that gets bashed the most. Personally, I really like Laurel. I think that she has developed into this strong, independent character since Season 1. I have met Katie Cassidy multiple times at different conventions, and she is just as strong and independent as her character. You can tell through personal...

Arrow ‘Beacon of Hope’ Preview

Okay, soooo after this past week's episode 'Broken Hearts', Arrow seems to have taken quite a turn! With Felicity walking out on Oliver, it would appear as though she was surrendering her role as 'Overwatch', permanently. Now, with a deadly enemy coming back into the picture, it would appear as though Felicity may not have much of a choice. Brie Larvan aka The Bug-eyed bandit has returned, and she is out for blood. More specifically, Felicity's blood. We recall how Felicity and The Atom teamed up and stopped Brie before,...

Arrow ‘Broken Hearts’ Recap

Our opening sequence re- introduced one of our favorite, reoccurring villains, Cupid. She was holding a young couple hostage, pacing around them and singing a ballad. The young man begs Cupid to let them go. Cupid makes a snarky remark asking the bride how much she loves her groom. When she gives Cupid her response of how much she loves her husband, Cupid merely chuckles and says 'Love is a bullet to the brain' and she shoots them both. Damien Darhk is now on trial, and is up against Laurel...
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Arrow: Felicity’s ‘Wedding’ Dress revealed! (Photos)

Okay, so we know that based on the preview of the Season 4 episode "Broken Hearts" that Oliver and Felicity will be having a staged wedding in order to capture reoccurring villain, Cupid. Today the promo photos for the episode of "Broken Hearts" were released and Emily looks absolutely fantastic! Staged wedding or not, Felicity looks amazing and her dress is beautiful! I cannot wait for this episode!! 'Broken Hearts' will air when Arrow returns on Wednesday, March 23rd at 8PM/EST on The CW! Image: The CW   Image: The...
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Arrow Character Spotlight: Damien Darhk

When I first learned that Neal McDonough was going to be joining the cast of Arrow, I was ecstatic. Neal is a phenomenal actor, and whatever character he is portraying, he puts forth all of his effort... and it pays off. Damien Darhk is the leader of H.I.V.E and a former member of the League of Assassins. When the former Ra's Al Ghul was ordered to kill Darhk by the even prior Ra's Al Ghul, Ra's refused to kill his best friend. With that, Damien vanished from the league, taking...

Arrow ‘Broken Hearts’ Preview

For my fellow fans of the character of 'Cupid', you're in for a real treat. We last saw cupid in Season 3's episode titled 'Suicidal Tendencies', and she was heartbroken when Deadshot was killed on a mission with the suicide squad. Now, she's returned hell-bent to destroy anyone in love. We know from last week's episode 'Taken' that our favorite pair, Oliver and Felicity, are currently 'off'. This will definitely make things very interesting, especially since Oliver and Felicity are going to be posing as bait for Cupid. I am...
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