Katie Cassidy to appear on ‘The Flash’

Marc Guggenheim confirmed at a Monday press screening that Katie Cassidy, who plays Laurel Lance aka The Black Canary on Arrow, will appear in an upcoming Flash episode! In the parallel universe known to us 'Flash- ivists' know as Earth 2, Katie will be taking on the role of Black Siren. Black Siren was a member of the Justice Society and the mother of Dinah Laurel Lance in the DC Comics. As a matter of fact, Black Siren was the only female member of the Justice Guild of America! DC...

‘Arrow’ Preview ‘Eleven-Fifty- Nine’

SPOILER ALERT! Time of death...11:59.... Anyone else get chills when they hear this sentence in the promo? If you haven't seen the promo yet, be sure to check out the clip below! We have known since the Season 4 premiere of Arrow that someone from our beloved Arrow-verse would be taking their last breath at some point this season. Several social media threads, blogs, and even FaceBook groups have begun their own unique theories as to who it is that will be in that grave. Thanks to this past week's...
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Arrow: Emily Bett Rickard’s PSA to benefit the Christopher Reeves Foundation

As we all know, this season on Arrow Felicity sustained critical injuries after being ambushed by Damien Darhk's ghosts that resulted in her being paralyzed from the waist down. In this very touching PSA annoucement by Emily Bett Rickards she speaks with a representative of the Christopher Reeve foundation. Many of you will know Christopher Reeve from the 1978 Superman movie. To learn more about Christoper's story, and his dream of a world without wheelchairs, or paralysis, visit the Chris topher Reeve Foundation Website.

Arrow ‘Beacon of Hope’ Recap

The Arrow community welcomes Emily Kinney (Beth-The Walking Dead) back to our screens as she resumes her role as Brie Larvin, the bug-eyed bandit. In the opening sequence, Brie is typing away on a computer in her prison facility. The judge allows her to have 30 minutes of recreational computer access per week. She somehow figured out how to access the government network and she orchestrates an early release for herself. Since he and Felicity are no longer involved, Oliver now puts his full effort into training up his team....
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POLL: Arrow, Who is in the grave?

It breaks my heart to even think about this question, but I'm curious to know the opinion of my fellow Arrow fans! Every episode that passes brings us another episode closer to finding out who is in the grave. So, my fellow fans, after tonight's episode who do you think is in the grave??...
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Arrow Character Spotlight: Dinah Laurel Lance

Across the Arrow-verse, it would appear as though there are a lot of mixed feelings about Laurel's character. On Social Media, I am a member of several Arrow discussion groups, and for some reason Laurel seems to be the character that gets bashed the most. Personally, I really like Laurel. I think that she has developed into this strong, independent character since Season 1. I have met Katie Cassidy multiple times at different conventions, and she is just as strong and independent as her character. You can tell through personal...
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