‘Arrow’ Wraps Filming for Season 4

The fourth season of Arrow has officially completed principal photography. Executive producer Wendy Mericle tweeted out a congratulations to the cast and crew, saying that April 20 was the season's last day of production. The cast is heading off on break, although a few of the cast members will be keeping busy during the film break. Stephen Amell aims to be pretty occupied this summer. His new Code 8 movie (produced with his cousin and Flash star, Robbie Amell) has been successfully funded and underway, and he also has a...

‘Arrow’: David Ramsey on Aftermath of Major Character Death

David Ramsey's character, John Diggle, will be going through a variety of emotions on next week's episode of Arrow titled 'Canary Cry'. His brother, Andy, betrayed them and paved the way for Damien Darhk to get his mystical powers back. Damien turned and stabbed Laurel with a broken arrow, which ultimately resorted in the death of Laurel Lance. "Post-traumatic stress syndrome has happened to the whole team after Laurel's death. He's no exception, and so we're seeing a Diggle that we've never seen before," David told Access Hollywood. "What has...

Willem Dafoe Joins ‘Justice League’ Cast

Willem Defoe, who portrayed the Green Goblin in the Sam raimi’s Spider-Man movie, will officially join the Justice League cast! The Hollywood Reporter website has said he ‘will be joining the good guys in Justice League. So, it seems he won’t be the villain this time.   Of course, every other detail of who he'll play or what his character is going to be like, is locked away for a very long time. The Hollywood Reporter also said "playing a good guy in a role that will see him appear in both parts of the JL movies," but they were very careful not to place a name like...
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‘Arrow’ Preview ‘Canary Cry’

Since the beginning of Season 4, we continued to ask the question 'who is in the grave?'. In the Arrow episode, Eleven-Fifty- Nine, which aired on April 6th, we finally got the answer. Damien Darhk promised Captain Quentin Lance that if Lance went back on his promise to help Damien 'better' Star City, Laurel would pay the price. Damien stabbed Laurel with a broken arrow, ultimately killing her. Fans across the Arrowverse mourned the passing of our beloved Black Canary. The final minutes of Eleven-Fifty-Nine broke me, especially when Captain...
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‘Arrow’ Character Spotlight: John Diggle

After last week's airing of the Arrow episode 'Eleven-Fifty- Nine', we know that of all characters to feel the most guilt about the death of Laurel Lance aka our beloved 'Black Canary', it would be John Diggle. After all, he chose to disregard Oliver's suspicions about Diggle's brother, Andy being a spy for the treacherous and diabolical Damien Darhk. After Andy betrayed Diggle and Oliver, Damien used his mystical powers to disarm Team Arrow, and stab Laurel; ultimately killing her. We saw the grief and guilt in Diggle's face as...

Arrow ‘Eleven-Fifty-Nine’ Recap

MAJOR SPOILER WARNING! Well, fellow Arrow fans, tonight was the episode we have been waiting for since the Season 4 premiere. I'm going to warn you, I have not been this emotional over a character death ever. This was an extremely heartfelt and beautifully directed episode. Diggle discovers Andy in the apartment, wandering through the dark. Diggle questions Andy on his activities, to which Andy responds 'he didn't want to wake up Sara' as he holsters a gun in his pants. He then also tells John about how H.I.V.E now...
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Arrow: A ‘Grave’ Epiphany

When Arrow first returned this season the fan-base was sure of quite a few things. First, we were going to be getting a new villain this season; Damien Darhk. Neal McDonough has certainly delivered his part and has wow'd us throughout his villainous dialogue and occasional dark humor. Second, we knew that we would be getting a hero back. Sara Lance was predicted to be resurrected. Sara has always been a fan favorite, and it brought us great joy to see her come back to the screens. Finally, we knew...
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