‘Batman V. Superman’ Ultimate Edition: A Better Look at Aquaman

Since the Ultimate Edition of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming out, there has been a lot of new stuff being revealed about Suicide Squad and Dawn of Justice itself. Everyone just had a glimpse at Aquaman and didn’t really see the details of his awesome costume. A lot of mystery was left for this character.  But, we do have a better view of the hero! For the Ultimate Edition, there have been new shots released of Jason Momma in his Aquaman costume in, what seems a behind the...

Willem Dafoe Joins ‘Justice League’ Cast

Willem Defoe, who portrayed the Green Goblin in the Sam raimi’s Spider-Man movie, will officially join the Justice League cast! The Hollywood Reporter website has said he ‘will be joining the good guys in Justice League. So, it seems he won’t be the villain this time.   Of course, every other detail of who he'll play or what his character is going to be like, is locked away for a very long time. The Hollywood Reporter also said "playing a good guy in a role that will see him appear in both parts of the JL movies," but they were very careful not to place a name like...
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