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‘Supernatural’ Season 12, Episode 17 Preview ‘The British Invasion’

Published on April 4th, 2017 | Updated on April 4th, 2017 | By FanFest

On the next episode of ‘Supernatural’, the Winchesters get a lead on the elusive Kelly Kline, and Mick decides to join them on the trip to get Lucifer’s baby mama. Mick has proved that he isn’t exactly trustworthy out in the field, so I imagine Dean’s reaction to having him along with not be favorable. However, by the looks of the trailer below, I don’t think Mick is on this trip by his own accord.



The title of the episode, “The British Invasion” is a pretty clear indication that more of the B.O.L. will be making their way across the pond. The question is, why? Are the elders over there losing confidence in Mick’s ability to eradicate monsters from the states? Maybe Mr. Ketch has made his own reports back home saying that Mick isn’t performing up to par.


‘Supernatural’ 12×17, “The British Invasion” – Photo courtesy of the CW


Crowley and his pet dog, Lucifer, are back this week too, as well as Mama Winchester. She sure looks like she’s getting her groove back… wonder who that mystery man is in the bed behind her! This episode is shaping up to be an important one that is central to both the B.O.L.’s story, as well as the problem of Lucifer’s baby and Dagon’s protection of it. The Winchesters may need the help of the British Men of Letters, but what will they think when Crowley gets back in the mix?

A few questions before this episode airs…

  1. Why haven’t we caught up with Castiel yet?
  2. What is Crowley’s end-game with Lucifer?
  3. Will Mick turn out to be a true ally or another adversary?

Season 12 is nearing the end, and even though we know Season 13 is on the horizon, I would like to know whether or not these B.O.L. are going to be something the Winchesters can count on in the future or are they going to be one of their biggest obstacles. ‘Supernatural’ 12×17 “The British Invasion”, airs on Thursday, April 6th on the CW.

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