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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Safe House’

‘Supernatural’ Recap
‘Safe House’


is finally over, which means the
boys are back and out on a hunt!
Don’t get me
wrong, that is great news. However, I was most excited for
this episode for
another big
reason – the return of Jim Beaver’s Bobby Singer!

While we
impatiently waiting, the Winchesters
were on a bit of a hiatus themselves.
After several weeks of no leads on
well, anything, Sam catches wind of
a case
where a child ends up in a mysterious coma.

Donned in their
best FBI
suits, the guys start
with the victim’s mother and question her about the home…
flickering lights?
Check. Cold spots? Check. They
get a key and head over to the
house to see what could be haunting the

A noisy neighbor asks

about their visit, saying that two other FBI agents had investigated that
a handful of years ago.
When she says they were two of the rudest people she’s
ever met. The episode
then shifts to ‘a handful of
years ago’ (right around the
time when Dean and Sam were looking for Lilith
to prevent the apocalypse…

remember that?) to Bobby and Rufus and their initial investigation into the


No time travel
tricks, no resurrected spirits or trips to Heaven
or Hell – Bobby and Rufus
back on screen, working a case –
be still my heart.
Surly and curmudgeonly as usual, it was fun to watch the
two veteran hunters do
thing in their own way. It really made me long for the early days of the

series when the Winchester’s had
their friends and family still

The entire episode switches
back and forth between the initial

investigation and the current one. The transitions are done in such a way
it almost makes you feel
like all four of them are working the case together.
Again, making me long
for the days when Bobby was
working with Sam and Dean. I
sometimes wonder how he would approach handling

As the case moves

along, and both parties rule out hauntings by the two people who have died
the house, a second attack
makes them all question the cause of the trouble.
With a little more
research, Bobby and Sam both are lead to
a creature called a
Soul Eater; a being that lives between worlds, and
between time and


With no clear remedy in sight, Bobby recalls an old symbol he
in his arsenal that never
worked anywhere else before except a case that had
similarities to their
current one. Dean remembers Bobby
telling him about it,
and they dig into the Men of Letter’s database to find
out more. They find out
they can kill the soul eater by using Bobby’s symbol painted in blood in
living world and in the
creature’s nest.

Both Dean and Bobby end up
in the nest, trying not
to completely lose their souls in
the process. On the
other side, Rufus and Sam are left with the task of
completing the sigil. One
glitch though, Bobby and Dean both get possessed by the Soul Eater while
the nest, which then enables the
creature to attack Sam and Rufus. When both
sigils are complete, Dean and
Bobby are still in the nest, and
watch as one by
one the souls disappear. But, before each of them go back to
their respective
time, there
is a very brief moment when they see each other in the nest. That
one moment
really was the one everyone was
waiting for.

For a stand-alone
episode, it was one of my favorite on
the season. Next to ‘Baby’
earlier in the
year, “Safe House” rings in a close second. I never tire of
Bobby or Rufus, and
easily watch a spin-off of them anytime. There may have been no movement
this season’s overall arc, but
having these old friends back again made this
episode a lot of fun to

Favorite Scene from

Supernatural 11×16 ‘Safe



Supernatural returns next Wednesday, March 30 at 9/8C
the CW.

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