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‘Supernatural’ Recap & Review of “The Raid”

Published on March 5th, 2017 | Updated on March 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

The British Men of Letters are pretty set on getting all the Winchesters on board with their plans to eradicate monsters from the U.S. In this week’s episode, their best efforts backfire and put their own team in danger as a nest of vampires make the hunters become the prey.


The Family that Slays Together…

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Mary finally came clean with Sam and Dean about working with the BMOL and it goes over pretty much just how you think it will. Sam and Dean both aren’t exactly ready to let go of the fact that Toni tortured Sam then tried to kill them both of them. When they learned that she was the one responsible for the botched job at the lake house with Remiel, Dean becomes even angrier and tells Mary to leave.

Mary tries to get in touch with both her sons, but only Sam is remotely interested in hearing what she has to say. When Dean leaves to get a drink, Sam checks his messages and sees one from Mary that says they must meet immediately. Sam arrives at the temporary BMOL headquarters to hear Mary out and gets an eye full of their operation and personnel. He is just in time to sit in on the day’s briefing, which includes their current mission to rid of the U.S. of all vampires. They only have one more target in the midwest region and they are gearing up to take them out.

Mick tells Ketch earlier on that regardless of having Mary Winchester on board, the BMOL council is pretty set on having Sam and Dean join the ranks. Even though Ketch doesn’t agree, he does his job and goes to find Dean at the bunker. While dealing with a very surly and mistrustful Dean, Ketch tells Dean he is on his way to kill some vamps, and since Dean isn’t one to turn down a good hunt, he agrees to follow along.


The Alpha Returns

A nice surprise of the episode was having Rick Worthy back on our screens as the alpha vampire when he appears to the last surviving nest of his children. Big daddy takes his vampires from their hiding place and turns the tables on the BMOL and hunters in the makeshift facility. Ketch finds one lone vamp left at the motel where they were hiding. He tries to beat the information out of her, but Dean takes a gentler approach to find out where the other vamps have gone. Once he promises her to give her a quick death, she tells him that the nest is out hunting the hunters. Back at HQ, Sam, Mary and the rest of the team are battening down the hatches against a mob of vamps.


After a quick survey of their small weapons cache, Mary tells Mick to get the Colt, which leads Sam to learn the real depth of Mary’s motives when they attached Remiel. Sam was pretty shocked at first seeing the colt again, but knowing it could work on the Alpha, he quickly instructs Mick on how to make the bullets for the Colt. Mary, Sam, and Pierce take off to the armory to get the anti-vampire device. As the vampires infiltrate the BMOL HQ, not everyone is able to survive. The two BMOL team members fall prey to the ambush which leaves Mary, Sam, and Mick to finish the fight. Turns out that the other hunter, Pierce, was the alpha vamp’s spy, and he led the bloodsuckers right to the headquarters.

Just when things seem like they couldn’t get any worse during the raid on the compound, the Sam is able to pull off a bait and switch to get one of the newly made bullets loaded into the colt. Sam fires the fatal shot to big daddy vamp, ending his very, very, VERY long life. Dean and Ketch show up as the action is ending, and in time for Ketch to take Pierce into custody. Sam and Mary aren’t exactly broken up when he tells them that the BMOL have a way of dealing with hunters who go rogue.

Dean admits that he was worried about Mary when he heard about the vampires at the compound, and the two seem to be on goodish terms. Sam goes to talk to Mick, and he admits that maybe they weren’t fully prepared and that it certainly didn’t bode well for their recruitment numbers. But that’s when Sam surprised Mick:


Sam: I’m in. Look tonight was bad, no doubt. But the alpha vampire is dead. You’re changing the world and I want to be a part of it.

Mick: And your brother?

Sam: Give me some time.


The Road Ahead

These last few episodes of Supernatural have been starting to really steer us into the home stretch of the season, as all the story arcs seem to be progressing in this past couple of weeks. Having the Colt back could be a good weapon to have in their arsenal again, but I can’t see it being of much use in the eventual showdown between the Winchesters and Lucifer’s spawn. Dean and Mary’s strained relationship truly came to a head, something you knew was coming since she said she needed time and space. Since we were introduced to Dean Winchester all those years ago, he’s idolized his parents and held on tightly to the few memories he had of Mary before she died. Once she resurfaced thanks to Amara, I think Dean has been desperate to have the version of Mary that’s lived in his memory for all these years. When he found she was so much more than the sweet, loving mother he remembered, he struggled with that… a lot. Feeling abandoned by her, again, how could he not have a bit of animosity?


But… if there is one thing we know about Dean Winchester, other than his love of pie, it is that he is fiercely protective of his family; even when he may not like them very much in that moment. The second he got wind of Mary being in danger, he got to her as fast as he could. As he says in the clip below, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t agree with her choices, they are still family. So, with that said, will Mary and now Sam, be able to talk Dean into working with the Brits to rid the U.S. of all monsters?


“The Raid” was a wake-up call for the BMOL as well. Mick knows now that maybe they don’t have all the answers. He did say to Sam what a blunder their plans had turned into, and had Sam not been there that night, they would have all died. I still don’t trust Mick, Ketch or any of the other BMOL, but with this humbling lessons, maybe they are willing to adjust their approach and let the Winchesters take the lead. The elders seem to want them involved for a reason. If the Winchesters and the BMOL can find a way to work together, not only will they be able to deal with Lucifer’s baby mama, but of the big man himself. ‘Cause you KNOW Crowley’s chains won’t hold him forever.


The next episode of Supernatural, “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” airs on Thursday, March 9th on the CW.

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