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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Into The Mystic’

Published on January 27th, 2016 | Updated on February 3rd, 2016 | By FanFest

Dean is Brought to His Knees
in the Latest Episode of

The brothers are back
on a case in this week’s

episode of Supernatural, and it’s an old one. Thirty years ago in
County, Ireland, a man is
suddenly struck by a high pitched screaming in his
head. Pleading, “Get it
out of my head!” he begins banging
his head against the
wall until he is a bloody pile. Lights flicker, then it
appears. A ghostly
woman in blood red robes, flowing hair and a long, snake-like tongue
at the man’s frontal

Why this is taking place, his wife
frantically gathers
ingredients from the kitchen, begging him
to hold on, as
their infant daughter is also screaming from her crib. The
woman knows her
stuff, and
mixes the stock for a blood spell that, unfortunately, she finishes a
too late. The ghostly figure
throws her against the wall, and makes its
way to the baby. However, you can
never underestimate the power of
a mama bear –
the woman manages to crawl to her bowl of ingredients and send
the screeching
packing before it could harm her child.

Back at the
Present Day

Sam is
carrying the weight of what Lucifer
showed him while in the box. He cannot
seem to forgive himself for not
for his brother, when Dean was stuck in Purgatory. To try and get
Sam’s head
back in the game,
the guys catch a case that is right in their own back yard at
the Oak Park
Retirement Home.

A resident
was found dead in his (locked
from the inside) room, surrounded by lots of
blood. Before the boys can really

get a handle on what’s shakin’, the residence’s manager also becomes a
After talking with a
resident by the name of Mildred (Dee Wallace), who, I might
add, has her eye
on Dean and isn’t afraid to let
him know.

In the process
of their investigation, they discover what
their hunting is a Banshee, and
they are not alone in hunting it. A deaf woman, who was posing as a
maid, is
really a hunter and a
legacy of the Men of Letters. Remember that baby from the
opening scenes?
Yep, that’s her.

Here are
the facts about the Banshee:
they only feed at night, they only feed on
those who are vulnerable and they can

be killed with a gold blade.

As is the case with most of their
of-the-week situations, it
was really just serves as a way to expose that while
Sam may be the one
fretting over the past and what he
didn’t do, Dean is really
the one that needs some help.

When Dean
goes back to the bunker to get a

gold blade, he finds Cas/Lucifer rummaging through the files looking for
lure on
Amara. Dean thinks he is
talking to his old friend, but really Lucifer is
putting on his most angelic
face and trying to suck Dean dry
of info on the
Darkness. Dean admits to being attracted to Amara, in a very
scary, unnatural
way. On top
of that, is scares the ‘you-know-what’ out of

the Banshee

plan is in place and
the Winchesters, along with Mildred and Marlene, await
the Banshee’s attack.

However, when the creature goes after Dean and not Mildred as they thought
would, it’s a good
indication that he is really the most vulnerable due to his
situation with
the Darkness.

Using the
same spell her mother did, Marlene
and Mildred trap the Banshee and send it
to Purgatory with the gold blade.
case wraps up neatly, and the boys head back to their bunker.

thankful, and admits Dean
was right to get them on a case. He has to let go of
his guilt about not
searching for Dean back in the day
and focus on the present.
Sam goes off to bed, lighter than when the episode
started and easily falls

asleep. Dean however, as a bit more trouble drifting off to la-la


Will Dean Succumb
to the Darkness?

Photo courtesy of The CW

Dean is clearly
confused and
scared of what is happening when he
is near Amara. He’s had two
chances to “kill” her (if we are even to believe
that is possible) yet has been

unable to do so. Why? What is this connection they have? Is it just because
share the mark? Is it
because he was there when she was released? Or, is there
something even

His contemplative
stare at the end of “Into the
Mystic” is a patented Dean look, but there was
something else behind it.
maybe? Fear? Whatever it is, there’s going to come a moment when he
is faced
with ending her, or
succumbing to her.

What did you think of “Into the
Mystic”? Will we
see this new Men of Letters legacy
again? Will Dean fulfill is
Golden Girls fantasy with Mildred? Will the guys
figure out that Cas really

isn’t himself lately?

The next episode of Supernatural airs
Wednesday, February 3 at
9/8C on The CW.

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