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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’

Published on February 4th, 2016 | Updated on February 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

Recap “Don’t You Forget About

It’s old home week on this
episode of


“Don’t You Forget About Me” was a fun way to
Jodi Mills again, as her
presence is one of the last few links to the
Supernatural of the past. The
boys being back in Sioux Falls and
working with
Jodi always makes me think of Bobby, and what almost was. Not
to mention the
fact that she
is one of their last friends who is still breathing.

In the
couple years, Jodi has taken two of
the wayward teens that Sam and Dean
have had to rescue – Alex, the girl who
helped the vampires lure in
victims and Claire, the daughter of Castiel’s vessel, Jimmy



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With no leads on Amara, and no word
from Cas/Lucifer,
the boys head out to South Dakota
after getting a call from
Claire about a case. Dean and Sam arrive at Jodi
Mills’ house to find Alex

living a fairly normal life – dating, school, sports – and Claire is scaring
anything that seems the
slightest bit off and calling it a monster. As well as
racking up a good
amount of assault charges in the
process according to Sheriff

After a rather awkward family
dinner of chicken and mashed

potatoes (which Dean enjoys immensely) Jodi gives Dean the lo-down on Claire
how she seems obsessed
with hunting. Sam tries to talk to Jimmy Novak’s daughter
about the hunting
life, but the girl is set on
following the case she thinks is
unfolding around them.

This monster-
of-the-week episode escalates
however, once Alex’s favorite teacher is found strung up the flag
pole with a
broken neck. Claire
keeps insisting that there is something supernatural afoot,
and while Jodi,
Sam and Dean don’t disagree with
her, they do suggest she tone
down her approach.

Jodi insists that
Claire put down the Grimoire and

head back to her college classes instead. After some words of encouragement
Dean about being
grateful, Claire agrees to go register. However, as Jodi and
Claire try to
get her back to a normal life, the
monster she’s been hunting
strikes and gives both of the women a

Everything unfolds

quickly: Dean and Sam realize there is a vamp in town, and try to locate
She tells her boyfriend to
take a hike, but he is in on it, licking his fangs
ready to bite. The
boyfriend and the janitor now have all
three of the girls and
want revenge on Alex for her past as a living
breathing vamp bait.

Winchesters show up, all the vampires are quickly beheaded and Claire

finally gets a chance to bag her

The Moral of the

Don’t be a dick. Whether it
is an ungrateful teenager, a high

school bully, or a vamp with a chip on his shoulder. Look around and be
for what you have.
Embrace your inner goodness and appreciate the family that
surrounds you
whether you are bound by blood or
brought together through

Also, as long as everyone wears a
condom, Jodi and her girls will

be fine. (Seriously, that family dinner scene was super awkward).


next episode of
Supernatural airs on Wednesday, February 10 at 9/8C on
The CW.

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