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‘Supernatural’ Recap and Review of “Regarding Dean”

Published on February 11th, 2017 | Updated on February 11th, 2017 | By FanFest

It was Winchester versus Witch in the latest episode of ‘Supernatural’, when Sam has to call on the help of Rowena to figure out exactly what kind of spell an ancient coven has cast on Dean.


Recap of “Regarding Dean”

We pick up with the boys while they are investigating the odd death of an accountant, and Dean is chasing some guy through the woods. The guy, Giddeon Lochland, uses a blood magic spell before he dies and Dean is knocked out cold. He wakes up the next morning in the woods near a running path, with a broken phone and no memory of how he got there.

When Dean finally meets up with Sam, he seems like his usual self except the fact that his memory is fuzzy. As the day goes on and the guys continue to investigate the accountant’s death which leads them to find a hex bag among the contents of his stomach. The guys are pretty good about being in the morgue, but Dean was not handling it well. Then Dean begins to forget basic things like which key starts Baby, how to drive, and eventually most of his life.

Realizing there is more going on than just a really bad hangover, Sam calls Rowena to ask her what kind of spell could possibly wipe his memory clean and how can they fix it. She tells them to find the witch who cast the spell and kill them. Sam tries to help Dean retrace his steps to the bar where he was the night before and talks to the waitress who not only waited on him, but has a role in the hay with Dean. Oh, that was AFTER he rode the mechanical bull, Larry.

Through security footage, they see Dean follow a guy into the alley behind the bar, and start shooting at him. As they continue to retrace his steps from the night before, they stumble upon Giddeon’s body, and see the spell written on the tree. Realizing that they have seen him before in a picture in the account’s office in and confirms to them that they are dealing with a coven.

Rowena arrives to lend an assist and tells Sam about the Lochland family coven they are dealing with and about their infamous magical text, The Black Grimoire. They make a plan and Sam goes after the book, which Rowena stays and watches over Dean. She takes advantage of his memory loss and confides in him about her doubts and shortcomings.

Once Sam gets into the house, with Rowena and Dean on the phone listening in, they hear Sam get into some trouble. Of course things take a wrong turn as they usually tend to do for the Winchesters, but thanks to Rowena and Dean’s intervention, they are able to eliminate the coven. That then allows Rowena to use a spell in the Black Grimoire to restore Dean’s memory and remove the hex off him.

This episode was a lot of fun, with lots of good dialogue and light hearted moments; an episode that is easily watched several times over. Dean, even though he lost his memory, still persisted and thanks to a lot of post-it notes, was able to come in at the end with his gun and witch killing bullets, to save Sam and Rowena from the Lochlands.

Episode Highlights

I love a good monster of the week episode, and “Regarding Dean” definitely fell into that category. Dean, having been stripped of all the baggage he carries, was humorous and light-hearted even though he couldn’t remember things moment to moment. Carefree Dean is one of my favorite Deans, and this one will rank up there.

However, there was a moment when the panic and fear was all over his face as he kept repeating his name, and those he calls friends and family. With each round, he would begin to forget, until even his own name eluded him. Should anyone ever question (not that they would) Jensen Ackles’ acting ability, needs to rewatch that scene in front of the bathroom mirror.


My favorite moment though was when Sam found Dean the morning after being hexed eating waffles, lots and lots of waffles. I am amazed that Dean’s love of food could survive his memory loss, but a night with a pretty girl and a legendary ride on a mechanical bull, could not.


You didn’t I would end this column without sharing the most epic scene of “Regarding Dean” did you? Without further adieu… here is Dean Winchester’s Magical Ride…


What did you think of the latest ‘Supernatural’ episode? How will Rowena cash in her pass with Sam? Will the Black Grimoire somehow come in handy to deal with the ‘Devil Baby Mama Drama’ as Dean calls it?

‘Supernatural’ 12×12 “Stuck in the Middle (With You), airs on Thursday, February 16th at 8/7C on the CW.


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