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‘Supernatural’ Recap and Review Episode 1202 ‘Mama Mia’

Published on October 24th, 2016 | Updated on October 24th, 2016 | By FanFest

The second episode of Supernatural’s twelfth season gave us a long-awaited family reunion, another Brit from the overseas chapter of MOL, and a new vessel for Lucifer.

“Mama Mia” opens with Sam in bed with Toni. No worries though, it’s only a hallucination brought on by a potion and powerful spellwork; Sam didn’t actually get in bed with his captor. She is still trying to squeeze any information out of him about American hunters, but once he realizes that it is all a bad dream, Sam reverts to his usual ‘screw you’ and Toni heads to the table for a new instrument of torture.

Before Toni can get too far with Sam, she gets a call from one of her British MOL colleagues who warns her against her methods with the Winchesters.


The Rescue & Reunion

Photo courtesy of CW
Photo courtesy of CW

Dean is thrilled Mary is back, but things are a little weird between the two of them. Mary is still struggling to catch up to the new millennium, and Dean is worried about overwhelming her. Mary, is more worried about how she will face Sam when they finally find him. She feels responsible for everything that’s happened to her boys because she let the yellow-eyed demon into their lives. At least now we know where Dean gets his ability to feel guilt for everything from.

Dean finally gets a lead from Cass on Sam’s location. Mary wants to come along, and Dean does his best to convince her to stay behind. However, there is no stopping Mama Winchester from going to find her boy. When they get to Sam’s location, Dean enlists Cass’s help to keep Mary outside, and it is a good thing he did. As soon as Dean gets close, he gets trapped by a spell and is brought down into the basement with his brother.

Just as Toni is about to cause Dean some extreme pain, Mary comes in and shows her boys that she’s ready to do what she needs to in order to save them. A fight ensues, and even though Toni eventually gets the jump on Mary by using a spell (cheap shot I might add), the entire brawl is brought to an end when Mick enters, with Cass in tow. Chastising Toni for her extreme actions, Mick apologizes to the Winchesters and tells them she will answer for her actions back in London. What he neglects to tell them is that he is prepared to take them out with the help of their assassin-extreme, Mr. Ketch.




A New Meat Suit for the Devil

Photo courtesy of CW

Crowley is hot on Lucifer’s tale, but he needs a little help from dear ole mummy and enlists Rowena’s skill set. Once he finds the Devil, he needs her to put him back in the cage.

Meanwhile the Devil finds a new vessel in the aging, depressed rock star, Vince Vincente (Rick Springfield). Using a few flickering lights and horrific hallucinations, Lucifer uses the vision of Vince’s deceased wife as a disguise, and gets Vince to allow the Devil in.

As soon as Vince is pushed aside and Lucifer is running the show, he goes back to Hell to find Crowley sitting on his throne. Crowley and Rowena are able to trap him briefly and tried to put him back into the cage. It doesn’t work, and before Lucifer can get free Crowley disappears leaving mummy dearest to deal with the Devil. Instead of killing her he decides to keep her on the payroll, completely against her will.


Wrapping Up…

Once the boys and Mary were back at the bunker and done enjoying their celebratory take out dinner, Sam goes to Mary’s room to try and help her fill in the blanks of the 33 years she was deceased. He gives her John’s journal in the hopes it may help her understand some of the past. Their interaction was everything I never realized I wanted from Supernatural. Sam, who is normally a strong man, was reduced to tears when he tells her that she is his missing piece.


Random Thoughts on “Mama Mia”

  • Since when do Lucifer’s eyes flash red? Is that a new thing for this vessel? Which, BTW, can’t hold a candle to Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer. Its nothing against Rick Springfield personally, I like ‘Jesse’s Girl’, however, there was something special about Pellegrino in this role, and I get why Lucifer needed a new vessel, but I am severely missing the one and only Devil that can make you laugh and shiver with fear, at the same time.
  • Castiel’s constant confusion to Dean’s analogies can never stop. They are a nice reminder every once in awhile that Castiel is NOT HUMAN.
  • Crowley and Rowena need their own reality show down in Boca Raton where she wants to retire too. Can you imagine Crowley being rude and snarky in Florida? Oh, the possibilities!
  • Sam’s reaction to seeing his mom enter the basement just in time to save them from further torture… priceless.


Standout Scene:

Dean, Mary and Sam having a family reunion dinner courtesy of Sandy’s Chicken To Go, complete with pie for dessert. I still maintain that Dean, and his relationship with pie is the best love story on television. The fact that his mom remembers, and brings him a pie, just makes this even better.

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