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‘Supernatural’ Racked Up a Huge Body Count in the Season 12 Finale! Find Out Who Survived…

Published on May 20th, 2017 | Updated on May 20th, 2017 | By FanFest

Well, to say that finale was a rollercoaster of emotions would be a gross understatement. I don’t know one ‘Supernatural’ fan that didn’t want to hurl something heavy at their television as the screen faded to black on that two-hour ending. We said goodbye to a number of people last night. But before we start the memorial video, let’s do the whole recap thing real quick…

If you haven’t watched the two-part finale, stop reading now. Seriously. Bookmark this for later and go watch the boys do what they do best. You’ll both thank me and hate me for it, but these two episodes must be experienced with thine own eyes to really feel the emotional wallop it delivers. The first hour was immensely satisfying, but that second hour… well, let’s just say that I am still trying to process and recover from what I saw happen.

Last warning…


Hour One: British Men of Letters, Conclusion

Well, I am happy to report that the Brits are all dead! Not going to lie, I was happily singing that song from the ‘Wizard of Oz’, “ding dong the Brits are dead, the wicked Brits, the mean old Brits…” I have never been so happy to see a character killed off a show (maybe other than Prince Joffrey and Ramsey Bolton, but that’s a whole different can of worms).

In the first finale hour, the Winchesters banded together with what remains of the American hunters, minus Claire Novak and Garth, to take out the British Men of Letters permanently. It all started when a brainwashed Mary showed up to take out Jody Mills. Luckily Jody was able to get the jump on her with a little help from Alex, and tie Mary up.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean were left to die in the bunker with Lady Toni Bevel by Ketch. With only three days of air until certain suffocation tried a variety of methods which all failed. Dean decided enough was enough and went all John McClain on the bunker walls with a rocket launcher and a “Yippie Kay Yay Mother…” to try and access a passage that would bring them to the surface.


When the dust settled, Sam desperately searched for his brother. Right before Sam passed out from lack of oxygen, the bunker powered back up filling with fresh air. Dean unlocked the bunker door and walked in with a badly busted up knee and a smile. After the guys get back outside and check their phones, they get the message from Jody about Mary. They take off for Jodi’s house, with Toni Bevel in cuffs, to try and save their mom.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Dean is too wounded to go with the hunter army to take out the Brits. He decides to stay back and try to break Mary’s brainwashing with Toni’s help. Sam leads Jodi and the hunters to the BMOL headquarters to launch an assault on the Brits. Before they arrive, Ketch tracks Mary and finds her location to be back at the bunker. He takes off before the attack begins.

The hunters are able to take out all of the Brits, and when they finally have Dr. Hess cornered, she tells them that Crowley is dead. Then Hess tries to save her own life by revealing Lucifer is walking on the Earth again in his old vessel. She implores Sam to reconsider killing her because they will need her help in order to take out the devil. Sam takes a hard pass and Jodi gets a slug in Hess’ head before she can do any further damage.


Photo Courtesy of The CW


At the bunker, Dean has Toni create a device that will help link Mary and Dean’s consciousness together so he can try and reach her to bring her back. He finds Mary living in their old house in Lawrence, taking care of her two young sons. It doesn’t take him long to realize that this version of his mom CAN see and hear him, but she’s choosing to ignore him and live in this false reality.


Dean calling Mary out on her failures was something that had been a long time coming. For Dean to confront her this way had been a long time coming, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. Even though he tells her that he hates her, Dean also tells her that he loves her too, d that he forgives her for all her mistakes because he’s made them too. Winchesters always stick together, even when it seems like they don’t.

Right before Dean is truly able to get through to Mary, he is ripped from this dreamlike place and back into reality. Toni Bevel is dead on the floor and Ketch is there pulling the plug on her device. Dean’s wounded leg aside, he holds his own against Ketch, but when it seems like his chances have run out, Mary Winchester is back in full mama bear mode and swiftly puts Ketch out of his misery. As happy as I was to lose three more of those British Men of Letters,

As happy as I was to lose three more of those British Men of Letters, there’s a weird cosmic balance that tends to happen on this show, and the second hour seemed to tip the scales back to even as we lose three more familiar faces. This time though, they were from the side of (relatively) good.


Hour Two: The Devil Went Down to… the Pacific Northwest


Photo Courtesy of The CW


The hour kicks off with death number one – R.I.P. Rowena. Yes, yes, I know she was technically “a bad guy” but I liked her, and I liked her interactions with the boys and with Crowley.  But Lucifer knew she could throw him back in the cage, so he killed her and burnt her body to a crisp. Her phone rings, and when Lucifer sees that it’s Sam, he picks up and is reunited with his old potential meat suit.

Crowley pops in on the Winchesters to try and help them with the Lucifer problem. He relays his adventures of smoking out of his vessel before Lucifer stabbed him and into a rat. He was able to get his body back and is now on Team Winchester. He promises if they allow him to help, he will gladly close the gates of Hell, so demons could no longer walk on the Earth.

Once they finally get a line on where Castiel and Kelly are by searching for unusual signs due to the impending birth of the Nephilim, the Winchesters take off for the pacific northwest, leaving Crowley behind.

After a brief reunion, Sam and Dean discover a strange long light in the back yard. Castiel explains that it appeared once Kelly’s labor began. It leads to another dimension, a world parallel to theirs, but one in which the Winchesters were never born. Castiel met a familiar face over there, and when he returns with the Winchesters, they come face to face with Bobby! Bobby explained that it is a war between heaven and hell and that he is one of the last hunters left. He mentions knowing a Mary Campbell that used to speak of a John Winchesters, but otherwise doesn’t recognize the boys.

When they get back to the otherside, Crowley has rejoined the group despite being left at the bunker with the demon knife binding his hand to a table. Once Lucifer arrives, a quick plan is thrown together and here’s how it goes down:

Dean and Sam lure Lucifer to the portal and get him to go through. Crowley is already on the other side with a ritual ready that will close the portal, leaving  Lucifer stuck there, unable to travel back through. The spell takes a death, so Crowley sacrifices himself in order for the boys to get back through the portal before it closes.


The way it all goes down is absolutely heartbreaking. Just when you think Crowley’s sacrifice will be enough to end this mess with Lucifer, Castiel’s life is taken as Lucifer comes back through the portal and the guys lose yet another member of their family. His last line, “Goodbye, boys”… well, let’s just say it wasn’t the first time my eyes were sweating in this finale.


Mary arrives on the scene with one of the British Men of Letter’s weapons on hand, brass knuckles with some kind of warding or inscriptions. She literally beats the Hell out of Lucifer, trying to beat him back into the portal before it closes. But he gets the last laugh as Mary is pulled through the portal with him just as it closes.


Dean is left speechless and falls to his knees by Castiel’s body. Sam goes back into the house when the upstairs room begins glowing with gold light. Upstairs, he finds Kelly has died and in the corner of the nursery is Jack, her baby boy… the son of Lucifer.


To say that this finale was heartbreaking, would again be a gross understatement. Losing Crowley was harder than I thought it would be, but losing Castiel… devastating. However, this IS ‘Supernatural’ and anyone who’s watched the show for more than a minute knows that no one is every TRULY dead. So, I do believe there is a good chance that Castiel can be restored.

How, you ask? Well, Jack of course. The Nephilim knows Castiel. He’s the one who showed him this paradise Castiel talked about with Kelly. Castiel was protecting him, so maybe Jack will, in turn, give Castiel back his life in return. Or he’s going to prove that he IS the son of the Devil and cause literal Hell on earth.

We have five months to speculate and devise our own ways these two favorites could return. I, for one, will miss Crowley terribly. Even if he was a pompous ass, he was an endearing one, and somehow wormed his way into our little family.


What did you think of the ‘Supernatural’ season 12 finale? How would you rate it among the series other finales?


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