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‘Supernatural’ Stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Explain Final Season Decision

Published on April 2nd, 2019 | Updated on April 2nd, 2019 | By FanFest

When the announcement that Supernatural was ending with season fifteen, the announcement stunned fans and past cast members alike. In many ways we are still shocked and still processing the news, but ultimately know in our hearts that these actors have given it their all over the past fourteen years. Year fifteen will be no different.  The cast and crew will continue to produce something worth watching week in and week out. The actors will will continue to give it there all to produce the best final season he fans could ask for. Knowing so much thought into ending the show means more than the actors will ever know. It’s also more than some shows get over the years.

I’ve always thought that the finale of season five would have been the perfect show ending. We get to see at least one of the guys in a peaceful outcome. A true family setting that they deserve. Granted in that case it was merely Dean as Sam watched his brother’s happiness unfold before him. I’m hoping that we see something similar, but this time with both brothers and Mary. If we can gain an appearance from God again to make John more permanent then that would be quite the bonus. I will continue to remain hopeful for my dream finale. Through all the hunting, the Winchester Brothers will magically find their perfect ending finally.

The family business will no longer be hunting things and saving people. Old habits die hard though. That might be in part why at Supernatural‘s VegasCon 2019 this year both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles took the time to further explain that they were not asked to end the show by the network or the studio. Padalecki stated, “This was a community decision.” A decision that no one made lightly. A great show ending always brings sorrow to its fans and those involved. An amazing show makes the decision hard, but the right one so that same show can go out on top.

Ackles touched upon those same notes at the convention as well. He stated, “It wasn’t an easy decision. It was months and months, if not years, of discussion between he and I, between the rest of the cast, between the crew, between our writers, between our producers, between the studio, between the network. Nobody wanted to see this show fizzle out. I think that it was everyone wanting to do the biggest service to the show that we could by going out strong. It just seemed like the writing was kind of on the wall as to when that was happening. Everybody kind of felt that it was coming soon, and so it was just taking that leap of faith of going like, ‘Well guys, let’s get out the paint and paint that finish line because what we’ve accomplished is unlike any other.'”

Not many shows can honestly say that they still held their own in ratings by the time they end. Not many shows can say that their fan-base stuck with them through the good and the bad over the years too. Although not every episode of any show can be perfect, Supernatural has always listened to their fans over the years. Even nods at pairings that might not be truly canon but are in some people’s hearts. The nods to fan-fiction and breaking the fourth wall over the years is what has made Supernatural a one of a kind show that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Fans know the writers and show runners heard their voices and not many shows can walk away saying such.

That’s why ultimately Supernatural could have continued for many more years to come. There’s always something scary lurking around the corner. There’s always a story. While many reasons exist to continue watching Supernatural, the fact that everyone came together even in the end is what truly makes this show spectacular. It’s what makes us the SPNFamily.  And why?  Because family doesn’t end in blood.

Fans can watch Ackles and Padalecki’s time on stage below at VegasCon 2019 or catch them or catch them on Supernatural this Thursday on the CW Network.


Source: Entertainment Weekly


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