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‘Supernatural’ 12×17 Recap & Review ‘The British Invasion’

Published on April 10th, 2017 | Updated on April 10th, 2017 | By FanFest

First, sorry the delay friends, being sick and trying to type isn’t a great combination. But nevertheless, I’ve beaten the evil germs and am here now to chat with you guys about what is going down on ‘Supernatural’.

I am sure you have seen the episode by now, but let’s quickly recap Thursday’s episode, “The British Invasion”.


A Bit of History…

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We learned more about Mick Davies in this episode, namely that he was completely alone as a child and taken in by the Men of Letters to attend their private school, Kendrick Academy. Which, turns out to be the Supernatural version of Hogwarts. There he was under the rule of Dr. Hess, a ruthless woman who did her job to ensure that all students lived and died by the British M.O.L. code.

Throughout the episode, we get glimpses back to Mick, and the terrible task he had to perform to prove his loyalty and worth to Dr. Hess. She locked both Mick and his friend in a room, left a dagger on the table and told them only one would leave alive. I bet you can guess who won…


A Lead on the Devil’s Baby Mama

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The guys get a lead on Dago, Kelly Kline, and her demon spawn thanks to fellow hunter and friend, Eileen Leahy. Mick decides to join them for the hunt, but what they don’t know is that the personable Dr. Hess has commanded Mick to be sure the Winchesters do what’s necessary when they finally find Kelly.

Dr. Hess has made it clear to Mick that things with the American Hunters aren’t moving quickly enough for her and the elders, so Mick needs to do what is necessary to move things along, or she’ll task Mr. Ketch with taking care of business. Dr. Hess even goes as far as to send one of her other agents, Reny Rawlands, to shadow Mick to be sure he is doing the work and sticking to their code. Reny is ready to do what is necessary, regardless of what Mick says.

Speaking of the deadly Mr. Ketch… remember when I questioned who was in Mary’s bed? Well, it was Mr. Ketch! The two have been working closely exterminating monsters, and things got a little frisky. Can’t imagine what Dean and Sam would think about Mary’s new “friend”.

Back to the baby mama Kelly Kline… Kelly fears for her baby’s life and insists that Dagon takes her to a doctor. When they see the baby moving around on the screen, Dagon uses her Prince of Hell powers and makes the doctor not see any of the, um, abnormalities.

The Winchesters, along with Eileen, formulate a plan after learning about Kelly’s doctor’s appointment to lure her out of Dagon’s grasp. Once they have her, they try and convince her that the baby is not going to be what she thinks it will. Mick and Reny are pretty much useless as Dagon shows up and blasts them back into something solid. Dean and Sam are ready with the Colt, but they get knocked back as well. Eileen is able to pick up the Colt and as she takes her shot, Dagon fades into nothing with Kelly and the Colt’s bullet hit Reny instead.


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According to their code, when someone kills a Men of Letters, that person automatically has to die. Mick takes aim at Eileen, and the pain in his eyes is palpable. Sam and Dean are able to talk him out of it by giving a very familiar “Team Free Will” speech, and he ultimately lets the Winchesters leave with Eileen.

However, when he arrives back at the make-shirt headquarters the British Men have set up, Mr. Ketch and Dr. Hess are waiting for him. He refuses to adhere to the code and kill Eileen, so Dr. Hess has Mr. Ketch shot Mick in the back of the head, thereby ending any chance of an ally in the British M.O.L. Personally, I was just starting to like this particular Brit, so his death was a bit of a bummer for me.

The boys get Eileen safely away and headed to Ireland where she plans to hold up off the radar for a while. At this point, they are unaware of both Mick’s passing and what Mama Winchester has been up to. But most importantly, they are now unaware that they have been placed on Mr. Ketch’s Kill List, with Dean’s profile on the top of the pile. The rest of the season is shaping up to be a deadly one: Mr. Ketch vs. the Winchesters – A Battle for the Ages.


In Other Devilish News

Crowley continues to make Lucifer his dog and parades him around in front of the demons like a prize. He wants Luci to tell them how subservient he is, and he does, but his back is to Crowley and his facial expressions are pretty hilarious. Oh, and seriously deadly. Without saying so much, he basically makes it clear that he IS still in charge, and they BETTER help him when the time comes. When Crowley is gone, Lucifer calls in a few of the demons to ask about his vessel’s internal warding. They say the demon who did it was immediately killed by Crowley when the vessel was done, taking the secrets with him.

Don’t count Lucifer out though, he is going to be a daddy and nothing will stop him from that!


So, where does this leave us? Pretty much in the same place we were, but without the one Brit that could’ve been a new member of the good guys. R.I.P. Mick Davies.

R.I.P. Mick Davies.


Go Inside the Episode: Season 12, Episode 17 “The British Invasion”


‘Supernatural’ returns on Thursday, April 13th at 8/7C on the CW.



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