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Superman And Lois: [SPOILER] Might Finally Be On To Jon’s Secret! Could Someone Learn About Superman & His Family!?

Published on May 19th, 2021 | Updated on May 19th, 2021 | By FanFest

Superman And Lois returned for a brand new episode yesterday night, and what an episode it was! It was great to see Clark and his family back on our small screen and it was frankly amazing! But, the superfamily might have a problem. SOMEONE might finally be on to Jon’s secret.

Spoilers for Superman & Lois 1×06 “Broken Trust”.

Jonathan Kent has had several problems over the last few episodes. The previous episode literally ended with him getting beat up by a former classmate. This classmate also believes he is somehow responsible for him developing powers.

It seems that during the first episode of Superman And Lois someone filmed him using his heat vision. Luckily, the video is rather inconclusive, but it’s still somewhat of a problem. It also becomes a problem when Superman saves Sarah from that same classmate.

Tag, said classmate, shows her the video before Superman swoops in. She seems to have some sort of reaction to something Superman says. Is it possible that she recognized him as Clark Kent? She definitely realized something was up. Might Finally Be On To Jon’s Secret

Later on, when she’s speaking with Jonathan after the whole ordeal she brings up the entire thing. She claims that Tag brought him up a lot, and even reveals the video she was showed. She tells Jonathan that he can tell her if something is up. Of course, he doesn’t because really he can’t.

Even though it seems like she might believe him for now, who knows how long that will last. Now that she’s most likely suspicious, all bets are off. Besides, we’re doubtful that she really bought the story anyway. There have been too many coincidences.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Inde Navarette spoke to about this very thing, revealing how she thinks her character would react.

“I think Sarah’s very understanding, but I believe that it would take her a minute to get used to the same way it would be with anything,” Navarette told ComicBook. “In her world, metahumans are normal. The Flash is a thing, Arrow’s a thing, so in this universe it’s normal to know about stuff like that but to have it in your personal life with someone you personally know, I think it would be kind of a shock. But I’d like to think she would handle it with grace. Maybe she would have a freak-out moment — which would be so much fun to play — but I definitely think she would have understanding behind it, and then a grace period where she would have to get used to it. But who doesn’t want to have a friend with super powers?”

Having a superpowered friend might sound cool in theory, but after what happened to Tag Harris Smallville might not be so accepting.

Superman And Lois is back from its hiatus and you can catch it on Tuesdays on The CW, airing after The Flash.

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