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Superman And Lois: Episode 2 Preview – “Heritage”

Published on March 1st, 2021 | Updated on March 1st, 2021 | By FanFest

Superman And Lois is officially a hit! The first episode of the new show starring the Man of Steel brought a record audience for its timeslot from the last two years! The show stupefied fans with its awesome CGI for a network show, great writing, and most importantly… Tyler Hoechlin captures everything that Superman should be! Only one episode in and some people already feel like Superman And Lois is going to become a favorite among Arrowverse watchers. I’m inclined to agree but I’m biased since I love Superman. After last week’s episode, we were treated to a preview of what we’ll be seeing on this season of Superman And Lois. It’s unclear whether this was a preview for the rest of the season or just the second episode, titled “Heritage” I’m inclined to believe it’s the former, with how much content the preview has. I’ll let you make your own decision by checking it out for yourself!

Just as we expected, Superman And Lois will see Clark’s priorities shift towards his family. This doesn’t seem to be favored by everyone, especially General Lane. Obviously, Clark’s family needs his attention too since we even see his own son tell him that “everything [you] do is a mistake!”. Pretty harsh when you know you’re dad is Superman. The biggest question on everyone’s mind though, is who exactly is this mysterious Luthor. We knew him as the Stranger leading up to the season but he was revealed as a Luthor at the end of the pilot episode. Hopefully, “Heritage” can shed some light on that.

Superman And Lois is gearing up for an action-packed first season. It’s one of the few Arrowverse shows that wasn’t renewed for a new season a few weeks ago. With the reception towards the show, I expect that to change soon.

You can catch Superman And Lois every Tuesday on The CW. Missed an episode? Don’t worry you can watch it for free the following day on The CW’s digital platforms!

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